banana power smoothie
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Today, I share with you one of my favourite smoothies packed with proteins, energy, potassium and vitamin C which will boost your energy level and last a few hours after taking it. Not only is this smoothie ideal for the morning because of the kickstart it gives you but any other time of the day.  We will call it the Banana Power Smoothie.

banana smoothie


  • 2 ripe Bananas(frozen)
  • A tablespoon of groundnut paste
  • Half a cup of Milk (almond milk preferred)
  • Half teaspoon of grated ginger
  • 5 baby spinach
  • A tablespoon of honey to taste (optional)

Note: You can add ice cubes to the ingredients if your banana is not frozen

METHOD: Combine all ingredients in a blender starting with frozen bananas/ice cubes. Set the blender to the highest and blend them until very smooth. Pour out into a drinking glass and enjoy. #yummylicious

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  1. […] A beautiful fruit and a delicacy for most Ghanaians especially when taken with groundnuts. Apart from taking it as a snack on its own, or as toppings on our oatmeal, it makes a good ingredient for most of our smoothie recipes. Many times, they go bad even before we get to use them. When you buy them very fresh, wrap the stem with a plastic wrap or peel and wrap them individually at the stem. This blocks ethylene gas which continues the ripening process. This hack will help you save up to at least a week. Nevertheless, if you find your bananas already ripen when you bring them home, no need to worry. Peel and cut them into pieces, store in a Ziploc bag. Store them in your freezer for your delicious smoothie recipes! […]

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