There are certain things we always do before bedtime, that we’ve practised for so long that they’ve become part of our night time routine. Some of these bedtime habits are good for us. But there are also bad bedtime habits which we deem as okay but aren’t good for us. In this article, we’ll discuss 4 of such bad bedtime habits.

Four bad bedtime habits

Eating before bed

Most of us do this but eating before bed is a bad practice. Especially eating of heavy foods. Eating right before bed can cause indigestion which might affect your sleep and cause sleepless nights. Even just having a light snack before bed can be bad for your health.So you should make sure at least 2 hours have passed after your meal before you go to bed.

Going to bed with makeup on

A beauty sleep is not about you going to bed with your makeup on. It is about you getting enough good sleep and being well rested. Makeup contains a lot of chemicals in them which can cause breakouts and pimples on your face. It is therefore important to remove all makeup from your face before bed. You can use makeup remover or even some household oils like coconut oil or baby oil to remove makeup.

Exercising before bed

Yes exercising is good for the body and yes exercising the body helps you get good sleep. But having intensive and vigorous exercise right before bedtime will rather keep you wide awake. So try to exercise in the morning, late afternoon or earlier in the evening.

bad sleep habits
woman use smart phone on the bed at night

Going to bed with a screen on

The glow or light that comes from TV, mobile phones and laptops disturb the hormones in humans that cause us to sleep. Melatonin is a hormone released in the brain that makes us sleepy. This hormone is released when it is dark, so when there’s light, any form of light, it decreases the amount of melatonin released. That’s why it is easier to fall asleep in the dark.
Aside that, blue light( light from screens and mobile phones) can be very bad for our eyes when used in the dark.

If you practise any of these bad sleep habits, then you have to stop doing them. This will help you sleep better at night.


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