Whether you are using your computer, iPhone or any other devices, the viruses, malware, spoofed websites, and other serious threats will always be everywhere. Luckily, there are already many antivirus software that can help you protect your devices from all these threats.
Although there is so much antivirus software that can protect you, there are also many that are not reliable, safe, and even too expensive. If you are looking for excellent antivirus software that offers exceptional services for an affordable price, then Avast Premium Security is right for you and here’s why:

Reasons to Choose Avast Premium Security

If you read at least one avast premium security review, you can notice that many people who have tried this had a great experience since it goes beyond anyone’s expectations.
With this subscription, you can avail of two kinds of subscription plans: the single device plan and multiple devices plan. With the numerous devices plan, you can protect up to ten devices, whether it is your computer, Android device, or iPhone, from all kinds of threats.
Aside from viruses and malware, Avast Premium Security can also detect if your WiFi signal is weak. Users will have the option to shield their activity using their built-in VPN. They can identify suspicious public networks if they are safe or full of hackers who can steal your data even if you are not connected to the WiFi.
You can also add passwords or fingerprints to protect your private photos and media in an encrypted and special photo vault. Your data and images will be safe and protected in case a thief will snatch your device.
The other feature of this antivirus software is that it has a data shredder. It means that when you delete a file or data, it will not automatically remove it permanently. Instead, it goes straight to the recycling bin, so you can still undo it if you have accidentally deleted it.
If you are scared that there might be creepy stalkers, slash hackers spying on you through your webcam, then Avast Premium Security also offers a feature where they block all suspicious apps and sites from using your device’s camera.
If in any event that a thief will steal your device from you, then you do not have to worry since the antivirus software will save your last location before your device runs out of battery.

Pros and Cons

The pros of using this antivirus software are that it is simple and not complicated, especially if the user does not know anything about it. It has exceptional security because it protects your devices from all types of malware. They also have affordable premium versions.
The disadvantage of using Avast Premium Security is that they will not automatically scan, and there will be tons of unnecessary add-ons. Compared to other anti-aircraft software, this is a little more expensive than the others when they also offer the same service. If you want to avail of their License VPN, you will have to purchase it.


Other Features

Avast Premium Security has more great features and services: a call blocker, Power Save, Junk Cleaner, Do Not Disturb Mode, Automatic Software Update, and many more excellent features.

Windows and Mac Hardware Requirements

If you want to install this Avast Premium Security antivirus software, you will need to check if your device is compatible. For Windows users, you will need a 32-bit and 64-bit processor, A 1 GB or above RAM, and a 2 GB free space on your hard disk.
If you’re a Mac OS user, then the requirements you will need are an Intel-based Mac with a 64-bit processor, a 512 MB or above RAM, and a 256 MB hard disk space to be able to install it.


Antivirus software acts as the police that protects our computer or other devices against serious threats that could permanently damage us. Viruses, malware, hackers, and other risks are not something we can stop. There will always be threats wherever you are.
If you want to be safe from all these risks, you need to consider getting yourself an antivirus software to keep all of them away. Spending a little for an excellent antivirus is a good investment for your devices.
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