One of the largest ports and the initial landfalls for ships coming from Europe, Fremantle has become one of the best tourist attraction sites. The city lies at the mouth of the Swan River on the Indian Ocean. There’s a lot to see and do in Fremantle. The city is strategically located and it’s a great place to be all year round, especially considering the fact that you’ll be spoilt of options when it comes to Fremantle Accommodation. While in Fremantle you’ll notice the friendly locals who are so welcoming and also enjoy their hospitality. It’s actually among the easiest cities to explore by foot or bike. Transportation is also made easy by the free Fremantle CAT buses and Fremantle train services. All the major attraction sites are within the reach of the main transportation systems.
But why exactly should you visit this city, especially if attractions are what you’re seeking? Here are some 4 must-see attractions in Fremantle.

1. The Terrace Fremantle – Fremantle Prison

Having been used for almost 1.5 centuries, the Fremantle prison is one of the largest and most secure prisons in Australia. The prison was decommissioned in 1991 and has received over 3 million visitors after being opened to the public in 1992, and listed in 2005 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once you get past the gatehouse (which is free of charge, by the way), you’ll find a convict café, a gift shop, an interactive visitor center, and a prison gallery. The entertaining tour guides make the prison tours an interesting undertaking, who bring the stories and interesting rich folklore of the prison to life.

2. The Maritime Museum

Before you get here, you’ll, of course, love the clean beach environment, noticing the bustling and dynamic port of Fremantle, which is just 30 minutes from Perth city. The WA Maritime Museum will give you a clear picture of what used to be Fremantle’s past. The museum houses a lot of past artefacts, unique galleries, and more. You might also be interested in exploring the leisure boats and the commercial handcrafted sailing boats that you can take home as souvenirs. Just next door, you’ll also find the Oberon-class Australian submarine HMAS ovens that showcase how the sailors used to live and how they worked below the surface.

3. Fremantle Markets

Your visit to Fremantle will not be complete without visiting the Fremantle markets adjacently bounded by the south terrace, Parry Street and William Street. Here, you’ll find over 150 stalls under one roof with all that Fremantle has to offer in terms of culture and heritage. You’ll not need a tour guide for this, the marketers here will usher you in and guide you through. From handmade soaps to local artwork, jewellery, giftware, music, fashion, shoes, and souvenirs, just to name a few, you’ll be spoilt of options for stuff you can bring home.

4. The Cappuccino Strip

Attractions in Fremantle
If you are in Fremantle and want to see the world go by, then this is the place. This is a legendary meeting place, given the many outdoor cafes and restaurants. Here, you’ll dine and entertain your taste buds with the most delicious gourmet foods. At night, this strip comes to life with all the lights and music.
Now you know where you’ll be spending your next vacation. Fremantle is a great tourist destination to enjoy as a family and also with friends. And most of these attractions date back to a few hundreds of years or more, which means you can also borrow some home maintenance tips from their history and caretakers.

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