In my previous post, I outlined how anyone interested in setting up a youtube can go about it. Here, we will be looking at how best to catch the attention of random users who happen to either chance upon your video or open your youtube channel.

1. Give attention to your channel art and thumbnails

As a business venture, your thumbnails and channel serve as your biggest customer pull, or should I say your billboards. So making it attractive is an essential must! A compelling thumbnail is one that is precise and complements the video’s title.

It is the first thing a viewer sees about your video and most often has a big say on whether they open it or ignore it. Therefore, it would be best to make it stand out from all videos, which may be similar to what the viewer is looking for. Using attractive pictures, colours, or classy fonts could do the magic for you.

2. Make a channel trailer

We are often hyped up days to the release of a blockbuster movie mainly because of what we see in the trailer. That’s the kind of effects trailers have. They offer viewers a sneak peek into what to expect from our channel.

One of the best ways to go about your trailer is to introduce yourself and tell them exactly why they should spend their precious time watching your videos.

Don’t overdo it, though or else you’d already be losing them. Also, do well to keep it short and straightforward. More importantly, talk in a way that your target audiences can relate to.

3. Choose the right channel icon

A channel icon, in simple terms, is the logo for your YouTube presence. Like the thumbnail for a video, it should match your brand and complement your channel’s central idea. YouTube’s usually gives recommendations on image dimensions.

This must be factored in when choosing an icon to prevent the image from stretching. Remember to preview your channel on multiple devices to be sure it is visible no matter the device used.

4. Understand your audience

Creating content without having a specific target group in mind can be likened to shooting into the open air. Having a target audience and understanding what they need at the current time can be your jackpot.

Ask yourself questions like “Who are they? What do they like? How would they want me to communicate with them? After a few videos, you can gauge the performance of each video using YouTube Analytics.

Once you realise that a particular style or topic gained more viewers than others. You are halfway to knowing what to do in future videos.

5. Ask viewers to subscribe

Subscribing is one of the surest ways to get sustained viewership of your channel. That is because your subscribers (who have their bell on) are always alerted when you put a new video on your channel.

In truth, it is the reason why the line “Don’t forget to subscribe” is the go-to sign-off choice for all classes of YouTubers. Some YouTubers even up their request game by putting subscribe reminders at both the beginning and the end of their videos.

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