If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, you should know that you’re on your way to getting addicted. But to what extent will using the app mean addiction to you? Sometimes, we spend more time on Facebook than we think.
That is why Facebook is rolling out an update to the Facebook app for both Android and iOS to help you monitor and track the time you spend on Facebook. This feature will show you how much time you spend using the app on a daily basis. If you are truely getting addicted, your results will make your blood boil.
The stats will then be summed up and divided to get an average amount of time you spent on Facebook per day over the past week with an option to set a daily limit reminder.
If you set a daily limit reminder, Facebook notifies you once you’ve used the Facebook app for the amount of time set by you, asking you to either close the Facebook app or continue using the app.

How to check the amount of time you spend on Facebook

Since the feature is now being rolled out, you will have to keep updating your app to see if it has been rolled out to you first. Then:

  • Open the Facebook App and Go to Settings.
  • Select Your Time On Facebook.
  • You’ll be greeted Bar graph showing you your time on the app for each particular day. You can tap on each bar inside the bar graph to see the time spent on the app for that particular day.
  • Underneath the bar graph is where you can set your daily reminder – Tap on it, Choose a time, let’s say 2 hours and when you use the app for 2 hours, you get notified to quit the app.

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