When you’re trying to juggle a busy social life and a full-time job, any app that can help you be more productive and save yourself some time can really help you out. Whether it’s to help get your meetings in order, get yourself a delicious meal or just to keep an eye on your finances. Here are 5 apps sure to help you increase productivity.


The problem with public transport is that you always end up wasting precious time waiting for a train or bus to come – which is even worse when it’s bad weather. Plus you have to actually get to the train or bus stop in the first place. With Uber you can order a cab straight to your destination meaning you can work right up to the last minute. Even better, you can pay for your cab (including tip) on the app so you don’t need to worry about having cash on you.

Banking App

There is nothing more annoying than having to waste time in a long banking queue on your weekend off or trying to fit it into your lunch break. Luckily, these days most major banks will have their own banking app. All you need to do is sign up for online banking and the app will allow you to transfer money between accounts, make payments, apply for loans and manage your direct debits right from your smartphone. You can do it all on your morning commute rather than making the tedious trip to your local branch!


When you’re busy, the last thing you want to worry about is food. Whether it’s skipping lunch because of meetings, or not having any dinner because you’re too tired to cook – what you need is a takeaway app like hungryhouse. The app will give you a choice of lots of local restaurants including healthy options. All you need to do is choose your food and the restaurant will bring it right to your office so you won’t waste time going outside. Plus, if you’re working hard on a project the last thing you want to do is go out the office and lose your train of thought.


With all those meetings and social arrangements, it can be hard to keep up with where you’re meant to be and at what time. Which is exactly why you need an app like Any.do. Sort of like a digital to-do list, the app will suggest meeting reminders to you based on conversations you’ve had in the likes of Gmail. This saves you time as you won’t need to manually input all your arrangements. It also has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to plan your week.

Traffic App

If you need to drive anywhere for your job, you’ll know how annoying traffic can be. Especially during rush hour. With a local traffic app such as INRIX you can look ahead to see what routes have the most traffic on them and plan your route accordingly. Avoiding bad traffic will save you lots of time meaning you’ll have more time to get through work.
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