What do you think; why do people listen to music? When you come to find the answer to this question, you would be amazed to learn about an endless list of reasons. You might not be familiar with all reasons as most of us think music is just for entertainment. Apart from its entertaining part, have you ever noticed how listening to music while working increases your productivity and improves your focus? If not, then when next time you will have headphones, try to record your task completing time and work ratio. You will find a noticeable difference because you don’t only use your ears to hear music, but it also has positive influences on your brain. No doubt, your ears are necessary to listen to music, but our brain interprets the lyrics and music to lighten our mood.
Music is an entertaining part of our life for the long part. When we don’t have advanced digital technology, music lovers invested money in purchasing their favourite music albums. Since the age of the internet, we have this opportunity to listen to our favourite albums by pressing a few keys. There are countless music offline and online music apps and websites available. Among all of these platforms, YouTube is the most popular and demanding one. Now you can even convert your YouTube music video into mp3 through this link

List of Top Music Streaming Apps

1. Apple Music

Apple Music is considered the best music streaming app with its features of thirty million songs. It lets you make your playlist and upload your music. It also allows you to follow the artists and see their online activities on this app. Apple Music has several monthly plans, including cheaper student plans and many other individual plans.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the biggest streaming service. One can play any music album or any other streaming service. Unlike the past few years now, you can download your favorite video from YouTube. Different websites allow you to use them in order to download or convert a music album into mp3. If one is not aware of any website that helps to download a video from YouTube, visit https://2conv.com/en70/youtube-mp3/ to get your file ready to listen.



It is a powerful mobile music app that supports MP4, MP3, FLAC, and others. One can also get a host of themes, customisation options, and other fun. This app is also outstanding for live streaming, HTTP, and volume normalisation.

4. Spotify

This is an amazing music app for music lovers. As a free user, you might have limited options, yet one can still create his/her playlist on the web apps and desktop.
To get an unlimited and wide range of music variety, sign up for a monthly subscription, and you access more than fifty million songs, provide support for speakers and wealth of devices, and create an auto-playlist.

5. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is another popular app for music streaming services. Millions of people upload their albums to Soundcloud so others can enjoy their stuff. One can use this app both on phones and even on their laptops. You can listen to music online or save your favourite songs to listen to when you are offline.
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