Mobile technology has been the single most significant technological advancement of modern society. Our smartphones and tablets enable us to navigate our surroundings, do our banking, purchase our food and clothes, listen to music, watch television, play games, communicate with others and so much more. And they have become our primary means of doing these things, taking over from outdated things like maps, telephones, and even computers to make our lives more convenient and empower us to get more done in less time.

The great power of the humble app

It is the creation of mobile apps for these devices that help us the most in our daily lives – so much so that we frequently browse from one app to the next without even thinking about what we’re doing. Apps have revolutionised the ways in which we engage with so many aspects of our lives, and it’s time higher education got in on that trend.
There have long been mobile apps that have helped change education for younger learners. Educational games, revision apps and the like help children and young people learn and develop skills and engage better with their preparation for exams and coursework. But mobile technology has delivered very little that is of any real benefit to students moving into higher education. This needs to change, and an innovation called Uni Compare is taking great strides to deliver on this front.

Making good choices early on

One of the most important components of succeeding in higher education is being placed on the right course, at the right institution. The internet has provided basic advice articles and search tools to browse what’s available, but there are more than 50,000 undergraduate courses to explore in the United Kingdom – how can anyone be expected to zero in on the right choice for them? And if people join the wrong course, they face an uphill struggle to realise their true potential and achieve the kind of degree that will help them stand out from the crowd as they enter the world of work.
Uni Compare does more than simply enable prospective students to search courses. It is a fully-featured app that enables them to search, chat, compare, apply and more, all from a single location. It provides tools and information to help with attending open days, applying, student finance, finding accommodation, adjusting to a new environment, and virtually every other aspect of student life that young people will need support with.

A forgotten need

With so many technological advancements for educators to take advantage of that have changed the way they deliver lessons to students, it seems people have neglected to consider using modern technology to provide something that empowers students. The technology is there, literally in the palm of our hands, and is leveraged so successfully in so many other industries to enable people to find the support and functionality they need for all manner of tasks. Uni Compare is designed to make full use of existing ideas and technologies and bring them together to help students get the best possible start to their university journey.
Young people heading into a period of study in higher education are venturing into a new frontier that will be different from anything they have experienced before. They deserve to have the best possible start, working on the right course at the right place. Mobile technology possesses all the power to deliver a service that helps them find what’s right for them, and with Uni Compare there is now an app that revolutionized the way young people can search uk degree courses to find what they need.

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