Is not enough to have an idea or skill to start a business. Owning and managing a successful business requires some soft skills that not all entrepreneurs have. In Africa, most young entrepreneurs may be challenged with getting funding or support simply because not many of them keep correct financial data and those who do are not able to even use that data to make informed decisions to grow their business.
lack of adequate funds even makes it harder for entrepreneurs to have hire professional help them prepare correct financial records. I have good news for you if you are a small business owner in Ghana. There is an opportunity to test an application that will help you track your money, and also learn how your business is doing to help you do business better. Aside from helping you increase revenue and profit, your business will be connected to equity or the lowest cost micro-finance available on the market.
I introduce you to OZÉ – The African business adviser in the pocket of the every African entrepreneur.

OZÉ – Business Insights for Africa

OZÉ is the business insights engine in the pocket of every African entrepreneur. It’s a cloud-base mobile application that collects financial and social transaction data at the point of sale, analyzing it to spot problems as they emerge and solving them with targeted mentoring. It analyses the data to create financial statements and assess the health of the business. It then goes a step further; based on the actual performance of the business the entrepreneur receives recommendations and tailored mobile training modules to increase their capabilities. OZÉ continues to analyze the data and if the training does not improve performance, the issue is escalated to a business coach for remote 1-on-1 mentoring. Imagine a business intelligence platform + an accountant + an online MBA + an evaluation specialist + a human mentor and you have OZÉ.

Benefits of using OZÉ

  1. Access to Business insights to make informed decisions based on the financial and social data that app collects on your business.
  2. Gives investors the historical data and confidence need for them to invest in your business.
  3. Provides entrepreneurs with the documentation they need to access the formal financial system for the first time.

With OZÉ, aside from tracking your money, you also learn how your business is doing to help do business better.
Join me and other small business owners pilot OZÉ in Ghana. Let us be part of this ecosystem connecting entrepreneurs to risk capital, business services, markets, and each other. 

How to Apply to pilot OZÉ

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