Finally, Apple has released version 12.2 of its mobile operating system, iOS. At the event, Apple announced its new streaming service, Apple TV Plus; a credit card, Apple Card; and its new and games subscription service.
The iOS 12.2 is the second major update for the iOS version 12. The main version was launched in September 2018. Apple has packed the iOS 12.2 update with more than 40 features.
Among the exciting features coming with the iOS 12.2 update is the Apple News Plus subscription service. The service offers content from more than 300 top international publications. They include The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, The New Yorker, Esquire, Vogue, and The Atlantic.
Initially, the Apple News Plus service will only be available to subscribers from the US and Canada. Subscribers from America will pay $10 for the service whiles users from Canada will have the service for $13.
The Apple News service is available for the first time in Canada, coming with iOS 12.2 update. Apple will gradually roll out this news subscription service globally.

Other major new features

Other notable new additions are the 4 new animojis. iOS 12.2 has added a boar, a shark, a giraffe, and an owl to iPhone’s animoji collection.
Also, the iOS 12.2 update comes with support for the recently released AirPods 2. iOS 12.2 also has the ability for Siri to play videos directly from your iOS device to Apple TVs.
More importantly, Apple used the iOS 12.2 update to patch up 51 bugs that affected the iPhone 5S or later iPhones. The 51 bug fixes also go for iPad Air and later models, and the 6th Generation iPods.
You may have tried but still not getting the update. It is because Apple is rolling out iOS 12.2 slowly to all users.
To download iOS 12.2, go to your “Settings”, then hit “General”. Lastly, hit “Software Update”. The phone itself will search for newer iOS versions. Make sure you are connected to the internet, else it won’t be able to search for updates.

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