In recent times, a lot of advancement has been made in Apple Music for the listening pleasure of users. In a previous article, we discussed Spatial Audio and how it is revolutionizing music playback for Apple Music users.

This article will discuss the integration of Apple Music with Memories from the Photos app

Apple Music integrates with Photo Memories

A new development has seen Apple Music integrating with Photo Memories and here’s how this will work:

  • Songs from Apple Music are selected as the soundtrack to memories, and if you want to customize a memory, we’ll suggest other options and let you search the entire catalog.
  • Deals have been closed, by Apple Music, with the labels and publishers for millions of songs worldwide which will be made available over the course of the next months so users can always find the best soundtrack for their memory.
  • The Memories app will also match music to different mood filters. This will help automatically create the right soundtrack to the feel or mood of the selected filter.
  • The new Apple Music integration with Memories in the photo app offers subscribers a fun new way to express themselves through music.

In a related development…

SharePlay brings the power of music to FaceTime

  • SharePlay is an entirely new way to to experience music with family and friends, no matter the distance.
  • With the tap of a button, you can listen to albums, songs and playlists, all while keeping the conversation going.
  • The FaceTime app has been redesigned with a new affordance that shows who’s currently in the call, and redesigned icons that easily let you turn your camera or microphone on or off, chat, share your screen and more.
  • It’s easy to start a SharePlay session; just head to the Music app and tap on any piece of content.When you do, everyone else in the group will get an invitation to join SharePlay. From there, you can sit back and enjoy the music while keeping the conversation going.
  • Albums, playlists and songs are supported, along with algorithmic stations and music videos.
  • You can use all the familiar playback controls to skip back and forward, pause the music, or find something new to play, and controls the playback for everyone.
  • You can also use the queue to reorder music, delete tracks, or skip ahead and if Autoplay is selected, you will continue to hear music similar to what the group was playing before.
  • SharePlay will be available later this year.


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