Rumours: Apple may shut down iTunes; its social pages have been scrubbed

Apple to shut down iTunes

After more than 18 years of service, we are now seeing evidence that Apple is going to shut down its iTunes service. This was seen in iTunes’ social media pages (Instagram and Facebook), where all the content there have been scrubbed.

Mac Rumors reported the scrubbed content was migrated over to pages for the tech giant’s Apple TV service.

Currently, all the accounts are still there, they haven’t been deleted. The only things that are no more are follower counts, videos, posts, and other content.

The first hint of closing down iTunes came from a Bloomberg report last Friday. The report said Apple was planning to announce the end of iTunes at its annual developer conference that takes place Monday.

Also coming from the Apple annual developer conference, Bloomberg said Apple will introduce three new apps for Mac. With these new apps, users would be able to access their music TV shows, movies, and podcasts.

All these things are found in the iTunes app, so now they are getting their individual apps. So going forward, without iTunes Mac users can still be able to manage their devices and music from the Music app.

Another evidence is, some “” links for songs and artists now gets redirected to “”. Other reports also say that Apple is in the process of changing iTunes links for things like apps, podcasts, and TV shows.

The question here is, what will happen to the iTunes on Windows computers if Apple shuts it down?


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