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Music is a very important part of our lives and as the cliche goes “music is food for the soul”. But how do you get your music? Are you able to get access to all the songs you love even if it was recorded in space? What if you watch a music video but prefer to only keep the audio for your listening pleasure? These and many other reasons are why you should install the AnyMusic app for windows.


AnyMusic is a music search engine and downloader for PC. With this app, you can perform the following functions:


  • Search for any song you love or have heard of by entering keywords (song title, artiste name or keyword)When you find music on AnyMusic, you can enjoy music by listening and watching. After that, you can download it to any audio format you want.
  • Discover and download trendy music from all over the world. The app displays major charts from around the world.
  • As a music downloader, AnyMusic enables you to extract sound from videos, convert local files, and you can choose the formats as needed.


  • You can organize music collection by changing media folder location or rename your files. This will help you to organize your music files in a way you want.
  • Gain free access to 1000 sites for MP3 downloads. You have more choices to discover free music.

With all these tools in one app, you don’t need to get any other to help perform these functions. You can download the trial version or buy the app by clicking on the button below.

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