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The argument between iOS and Android users over which device is better is one that will go on forever. However, the truth is that both sides have a point, ranging from security and encryption for iOS owners, to customization and Google Assistant prowess for Android users. We can show you the edge Android users can brag about below.

1. You can use any application you like, not the applications Google forces you to use:
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According to Oscarmini, iPhone users have been unable to set Gmail as the default email app on their devices for some time. Meanwhile, Android allows you to set Firefox or Opera as your default browser, instead of Chrome.

2. Google Assistant wins: iOS owners might have Siri, but Android users enjoy Google Assistant, a better tool for several reasons, the most vital one being Google’s amazing database. Google Assistant understands common requests for businesses, names, and it gets the requests right most of the time. It returns high-quality responses very well too.

Android phone iPhone users
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3. You can use two apps simultaneously through split-screen mode: IPadOS 13 indeed supports using several applications at once, but iOS 13 and the iPhone do not. Android owners, however, keep enjoying split-screen apps since the launch of Android 7.0 Nougat.

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