Mobile phones are one of those things that are necessary for survival in this world. Mobile phones have enabled humans to connect with one another and become a part of the global community. In today’s fast-paced world, mobile phones provide one thing that every human desire: convenience. Here are some of the ways of app testing online

  • The first advantage is statistical: if you launch an app without first testing it on real devices, there is a good chance that you will have to fix a lot of problems later. For example, 44% of Android apps have issues with internet connectivity or missing phone sensors. Many users are not used to being able to find help on how to use their devices in order to report these types of issues on time. They simply exit your app and continue their journey.
  • Another significant advantage of testing on real devices is that you can detect software bugs before releasing your application, ensuring that they do not affect your customers! Bugs can be aggravating and can harm your play store ratings.
  • Another advantage of online Android app testing is that it allows you to improve your translations. App translation allows you to communicate with people all over the world; however, without professional translation services, an app may be ineffective for users whose first language is not English or who are deaf/mute. You can ensure that your messages are clear and accurate by testing your app on real devices.

As experienced software testers are well aware, automated testing saves time because it executes tests without the need for human intervention. Again, using tools like test automation frameworks or monkey runner to automate your mobile app testing can save you time by executing automatic tests many times faster than a tester could do manually! Automation also aids in maintaining high quality standards.

  • When a problem with your app is discovered during a test, you can pinpoint the exact location of the problem thanks to log files generated by tools. This allows you to quickly debug and fix errors.

Such logs also keep track of functional issues, such as buttons that aren’t linked to functions.

  • Another significant advantage is that testing on real devices gives you access to a large number of SDKs and emulators for testing different Android versions and screen sizes to improve compatibility. An emulator isn’t the same as the real thing because it doesn’t provide testers with enough information about what happens when they interact with their device: screen size, speed, camera quality, and so on.
  • Testing on real devices also allows you to experiment with various network conditions. One excellent example is testing your app in various countries or regions to ensure that it will function properly throughout the world.
  • It’s always a good idea to have an Android app tester go through all possible flows of actions, either manually or automatically, so that issues can be identified and corrected before they’re shipped.
  • Another advantage of product release cycle times is that if you need to fix bugs after releasing your app on the Play Store, it only takes about an hour using real devices versus a day using emulators/simulators. When you test on real devices, you have access to a plethora of tools that automate functional testing, such as UI crawlers and web performance tests.
  • Another advantage of mobile app testers not having to spend time setting up test automation frameworks and tools is that they can devote more time to exploratory testing, which involves discovering new issues.

Every minute spent resolving an issue is one less minute added to the ROI of your project!Thus, Non functional test is a must.

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