An MCSA Server 2016 certification: Your clear path to a career in Systems Administration

An MCSA Server 2016 certification: Your clear path to a career in Systems Administration

In today’s corporate world, it’s important for organisations to deliver more business value while at the same time, reducing IT costs.  As the days go by, new technologies are being developed, and due to the presence of these new technologies, there’s a growing need for IT professionals to handle them.

The daily operation of every major organisation today is hinged to data centres — which are also tied to the servers on which they run. While Microsoft is best known for its Windows operating systems as well as Office software, the company’s broad product portfolio includes the Microsoft Certification Program which trains and certifies technicians and administrators to be able to support and (or) service its system and application products.

The MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) Server 2016 certification is the first step to take if you intend to be a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certificate holder. It is designed for developers and IT professionals to enhance their core skills. With this, you’ll gain skills needed for delivering increased business value for your organisation, while cutting down on the IT costs.

Career Prospects

An MCSA Server 2016 certification: Your clear path to a career in Systems Administration

Earning an MCSA Server 2016 certification would open doors for you in these fields, sectors, and positions:

  • Systems Administrator: A systems administrator (or sysadmin) is the person responsible for the upkeep and configuration of an organisation’s computer systems to ensure their reliable operation.
  • Network Administrator: A network administrator’s primary duty aside installing and managing a company’s networks and computers in order to ensure that the information flow is continuous and effective, also includes tasks such as troubleshooting network issues, as well as implementing and maintaining network hardware and software just so the network would be secure and available at all times.
  • Computer Network Specialist: In an organisation, the computer network specialist monitors both internal and external threats. (S)he is the one in charge of installing, securing, inspecting, and troubleshooting the computers networked in an organisation.

Other positions you where your MCSA knowledge could come in handy (in addition to further professional qualifications) are SQL Database Administrator, Cloud Administrator, and Cloud Architect.

Recommended training institution

For your MCSA Server 2016 certification, we’d recommend that you enrol at Certified Ghana for the following reasons and more:

  • Small class sizes ensure interactive study sessions where each student can have the instructor’s attention when needed.
  • The teaching staff are experienced industry professionals. With years of training and practical skills under their belts, they can even serve as career guides and mentors to you.
  • With a host of affiliated globally recognised institutions and organisations, your certificate would never be in doubt as they come as genuine as it can be.

Contact Certified Ghana

If you’ve read this far then, it’s likely that you have the interest to undergo training with the institution; Certified Ghana.

To reach them for further inquiries and registration, you can do so via their website, or simply send an email to info[@]certifiedghana[.]com. Contact can also be made on WhatsApp and phone using these mobile numbers +233548131314 and +233246718771.

In conclusion, the MCSA certification is well recognised in the industry, and IT professionals all over the world use it to apply for jobs. With this training and certification in addition to the work experience you acquire, it makes an addition to your value among your peers and contemporaries aiming for the same position. Having this on your work profile exponentially increases your chances of getting hired in comparison to those without it.

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