Amazon Echo VS. Google Home

It really has become a battle between the two brands with both Amazon and Google laying claim to having the best smart speaker. This infographic from Half Price takes you through the two smart speakers and picks a winner in a variety of different categories. The Amazon Echo still dominates the market, but it did come to market a few years before the Google Home. The home is certainly playing catch-up at the moment, but some articles do now say that the Google Home is superior. However, if you go through it feature by feature, the Amazon Echo may still have the edge.

First of all, the Echo is more adaptable, simply because it has been around a longer time. Adaptable essentially means that it connects with a wider range of devices in the home. Another huge strength of the Amazon Echo is the skills category. Skills are basically smartphone apps and with the help of voice assistant can teach you a variety of different things.

The reality is that technology is always evolving. So, while the Amazon Echo may have the edge now, in a year’s time the Google Home could take over. Read the infographic now for more information.

Amazon Echo VS. Google Home


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