All you should know about 5G phones and your health

5G phones health risk

5G will bring lightning-quick speed and will also aid the powering of fresh technologies such as self-driving cars and intense, immersive VR experiences.

But as we think about what humans can do with 5G, we must also consider the plans 5G has for us.

Mobile networks all across the globe are set to deploy this 5th generation of cellular tech. The best smartphones manufacturing companies are also ready to launch their 5G mobile phones. US President, Donald Trump even disclosed recently that America must be ahead of countries like China in the development and release of the tech.

But not all phone users should be too eager for 5G. There are reports that high-frequency spectrum a.k.a millimeter wavelengths that were utilized to bring 5G to life could be a risk, health-wise for the general public.

2 months ago, the Belgian government stopped a 5G test in Brussels after it discovered that the radiation from the base stations could be dangerous. Members of Parliament in Holland are also reaching out to the government to thoroughly look into 5G. Switzerland is currently studying the effect of 5G on people as well.

In America, New Hampshire is working on setting up a commission to look into the health hazards of 5G networks. Lots of leaders in Congress recently wrote to the Federal Communications Commission, revealing their fears about possible health risks. In California, the city council recently stopped the deployment of fresh 5G wireless cells.

5G phones health risk
Australia’s Science Channel

US Rep, Thomas Suozzi had this to say, “My constituents are worried that should this technology be proven hazardous, the health of their families and value of their properties would be at serious risk.”

These fears are not new. The general public has always been scared of the health risks of radiation in their microwaves, smartphones, as reports have it that radio airwaves can result in brain cancer, reduced fertility, headaches in kids and other sicknesses.

The spread of new 5G networks, which will need several more small cell towers to be placed nearer to people’s homes, offices and schools are bringing back these concerns. Those in the government are also beginning to slow down a little bit.

The Food and Drug Administration and the FCC recently disclosed that we have nothing to be concerned about. Several studies are yet to discover the connection between radio frequency signals from mobile phones or cell towers and sicknesses, according to the agency. But 8 years ago, WHO revealed that mobile phones do cause some brain cancers, which has erased doubts that mobile phone radiation and cancer actually go together.

Critics have also voiced out that how safe it is to use millimeter-wavelength for 5G tech is yet to undergo any test which is why added information is required before America and the rest of the world accept these future networks.

Radiation is the emission of energy from whatever source. Meaning even the heat from your body is radiation. But some types of radiation can result in illness.

It is possible to organize kinds of radiation by their levels of power on the electromagnetic spectrum. Greater wavelengths with reduced lower frequency are less powerful, while lesser wavelengths with increased frequencies are more powerful. This spectrum is broken down into 2 categories, which are ionizing and non-ionizing.

Ionizing radiation like ultraviolet rays, X-rays and gamma rays pose a bigger health risk. The energy from ionizing radiation can destroy atoms, and it is popular for being able to destroy the chemical bonds in DNA, which can have a negative effect on cells and result in cancer. Which is the reason for the warning from FDA that excessive X-rays can kill you. It is also the reason why being exposed to the sun can result in skin cancer.

Non-ionizing radiation has more reduced frequencies and greater wavelengths. It will not destroy the chemical bonds of DNA with its energy. Examples are radiofrequency, or RF, radiation like FM radio, TV signals and mobile phones that make use of the regular 3G and 4G service.

Is it safe to say that cellphone radiation cannot cause cancer?

It is still unclear.

A few experts believe that the radiation from these cellphones can destroy cells through a different biological mechanism, like oxidative stress in cells, which can result in inflammation and has been discovered to be a cause of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular, neurological and pulmonary sicknesses.

After several studies in the last 20 years, results have been neither positive nor negative. A lot of these studies published thus far on the use of regular mobile phone service in the RF range are yet to discover any connection with the development of tumors, as per a report from the American Cancer Society.

But the group agrees that a lot of these studies had major restrictions, which gives room for doubt.

Wrapping up

As regards the health risk of 5G, a lot is still complicated but we expect certainties in the nearest future.

We all love technology, agreed, but it is always health first.

Michael Wyde, a popular toxicologist even said, “5G is an emerging technology that hasn’t really been defined yet.”

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