This is definitely the year of 5G. From the Mobile World Congress, we saw the phones coming with support for 5G connectivity this year. Even before that, Samsung had launched its version already at its Unpacked event in San Francisco. This piece is going to list the number of 5G phones landing onto the mobile phone market this year.

Companies like LG, Xiaomi, ZTE, Samsung and Huawei have launched their 5G phones which are complete, but with unclear release dates. Others like Sony, OnePlus and Oppo introduced prototypes of their incoming 5G phones.

Let’s get into the 5G phones we are expecting this year.

5G phones announced so far

Huawei Mate X

Huawei’s Mate X foldable phone is a rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold — it’s thinner and 5G

Huawei’s foldable 5G device is touted to be one of the best so far though it isn’t on the market yet. The phone’s design is really cool, very eye-catching.

It is the first 5G mobile phone to be announced by the Huawei company. The company provided the 5G connectivity via its own Balong 5000 5G modem. It didn’t go for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip the others are using.
The processor is Huawei’s Kirin 980 with 4,500 mAh battery, running on 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

For the Huawei Mate X, there is at least a release month and price. Huawei says the phone will be released in June of this year, for $2,600).

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G; Here are all the 5G phones announced so far with their specs, prices and release dates...

Samsung was probably the first to launch a 5G smartphone device — Galaxy S10 5G officially. That is no wonder since the company likes to be one of the first to embrace new technologies.

The Galaxy S10 5G was announced with the others in the Galaxy S10 family at the company’s Unpacked event last week. It features a larger 6.7-inch display, powered by a larger 4,500mAh battery.

Just like most on this list, it also runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. The S10 5G has a standard internal storage of 256GB coupled with a RAM of 8GB. It has an extra camera on the front and back for better AR performance.

The Galaxy S10 5G is not going globally until after probably the first half of 2019. Pricing is also yet to be confirmed.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Xiami Mi Mix 3; Here are all the 5G phones announced so far with their specs, prices and release dates...

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 3G took an existing mobile device (in this case had the same name) and reproduced itself as a 5G variant. The original non-5G device was announced in October last year. It has s a full-screen 6.4-inch 1080p OLED display. The back slides upwards to reveal its selfie camera.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has upgraded from a Snapdragon 845 in the previous non-5G device to the newer 855. It will hit the market in May 2019 for $679.

LG V50 ThinQ

LG V50 foldable phone

Also, just like Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G phone, the LG V50 ThinQ is the 5G upgrade of one of LG’s existing phones — the V40. The V50 has a larger 4,000 mAh battery. It also possesses the faster Snapdragon 855 processor, and it a little bulkier than the V40.

The V50 comes with two separate screens, unlike the others having one straight screen. The main screen is a 6.4-inch display. The secondary display is a 6.2-inch diagonal measurement because of its larger bezels.

According to LG, the V50 will be ready for release by the end of March. Pricing is yet to be announced.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro

ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G; Here are all the 5G phones announced so far with their specs, prices and release dates...The ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G is also powered by the widely embraced Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. It features a 6.47-inch 1080p OLED display screen. It also has a beautiful teardrop notch. The RAM supporting this phone is 6GB, and a 4,000 mAh battery is powering it.

It is very similar to almost every other 5G prototype on display at this year’s MWC show.

The ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G’s pricing also yet to be confirmed. Its release date is planned for some time in the first half of 2019.

Alcatel 7

Alcarel 7 5G; all the 5G phones announced so far with their specs, prices and release dates...

Alcatel, a brand known for making budget phones, is fiercely joining the 5G fray. It had a 5G prototype on display at this year’s MWC. The prototype 5G phone, the Alcatel 7, is an elaborate version of the non-5G Alcatel 7, which was released last year.

The prototype 5G features a 6.5-inch display, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. It runs on 6GB of RAM and powered by a 4,000 mAh battery.

According to an Alcatel representative, the device could be released at the end of 2019. Pricing is not confirmed at the moment.

The prototypes

The rest of the phones on the list are prototypes that weren’t having a fixed design or some features not confirmed. Such handsets included:

OnePlus 5G prototype

The OnePlus phone will come out in the second quarter of this year. Aside that, there isn’t much known about the phone. The price is also not confirmed.

Oppo 5G prototype

Oppo also brought a prototype to the MWC event. The device is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 855, and have a 48 MP camera. It will be equipped with an X50 5G modem. There is little detail about Oppo’s first 5G device. It may come in the second quarter of this year.

Sony 5G prototype

Sony also showed off a 5G handset, which is being rumoured to be named internally at Sony as the AG-1. From a Qualcomm rep, the device is equipped with the company’s X55 modem.

No pricing announcement was made; neither did Sony talk about the device availability.

There you have it, the 5G smartphone announcement as far as 2019 is concerned. If you are interested in any, you would need to be here to check as of when it will be released onto each country’s mobile market.

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