The main function of all Fintech apps is to facilitate the movement of money via digital platforms; thus, sending and receiving money. If you have used any fintech app, you would note that the barriers created by distance and lack of convenience through long queues have been removed. But have you thought of a fintech app that allows you to do more than these? Have you heard of AlexPay?
Maybe, you run an NGO and need support from people to help in executing projects or you need money badly to complete your education. Sometimes, a little financial push will help you realize that big idea you have of starting a business. If you have prayed several times for these kind of financial breakthroughs, maybe, God has directed you to read this article. AlexPay might be that one solution you need.

About AlexPay

AlexPay is an app that allows you to send and receive money across all networks as well as outside Ghana. It was founded in Ghana after Jacques Blinbaum from New York met Moses Kanduri from Ghana met during the United Nations Week in 2015 and shared their mutual interest in setting up a payment platform.
The mobile payment solution has been designed to integrate the various mobile money platforms, the traditional banking network, and the proven Brazilian F2b billing-payment platform.

Key features of AlexPay

The AlexPay app allows you to have a real Fintech experience with its myriad of features which include the usual fund transfers, airtime topups and bill payments.
One other feature that is very fascinating is your ability to request for funding for your project. The new “Crowdfunding” feature allows you to request for support in financing any project. You can obtain the best insight into how to generate additional funds and manage everything at your disposal, administer sponsors, gifts, give ‘ thank you ‘ messages to visitors and much more.
You can sign on to AlexPay by downloading the app on Google Play or app store. You can also use the USSD *443#.
To have access to crowdfunding, visit the website.
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