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After reading this post, we are sure some things about Ghanaians won’t surprise you anymore. According to the current Alexa traffic ranking of the top 200 most visited websites in Ghana (2017), we expose 10 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious facts that will either thrill or shock you!

If you come across anything somewhat disappointing, don’t feel too terrible about being a Ghanaian juxtaposed to other nationals because the pattern is similar across the world.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for the choices and decisions you make. Commit to doing what is right and acceptable in your corner, and it will go a long way in healing the world.

You will find out that most Ghanaians:

  • Spend a lot of time seeking for answers using search engines just like other nationals
  • Stay up-to-date with current news and happenings locally and internationally
  • Love to socialise and have fun
  • Love sports especially football
  • Gamble
  • Are still looking for a job or are seeking new opportunities
  • Like freebies
  • Shop online
  • Spend time to learn and further their education
  • Love sex

If you are guilty of any of these facts, do not worry, you are not alone.

Read on to find out the websites most Ghanaians visit.

1. We are naturally curious

It is very accurate to say – the typical Ghanaian is not confident and reticent.

We are not bold to express our thoughts or ignorance but instead turn to find answers online. It is no surprise that the most searched how to for  2015 was How to kiss per Google trends chart for Ghana.

This is because not many Ghanaians can openly discuss topics related to sex and relationships for fear of being seen as a pervert!

World’s no. 1 search engine,, leads as the no.1 most visited website in Ghana. Other search engines like, (13), and and ranking high amongst the top 200 websites, Ghanaians indeed reveal the desire to learn. However, read on to discover what Alexa has to say about our curious nature.


2. We love to stay informed


For a politically stable democratic country like Ghana,  it is very reasonable for the citizens to want to stay informed of the latest updates on what is making the news.

Looking closely at the top 50 websites amongst the 200, you will notice a good number of them are news portals. Leading the pack is GhanaWeb(4),,,,,,,, and,, (and many others).

Also, most Ghanaian don’t like to mind their own business. We are always want to know what’s up with someone. It is somewhat disappointing that none of the gossip or gist sites on celebrity news was able to make it in the top 200. Popular celebrity blog failed to make it.

It is obvious we are well informed in this country but as to what we do with the information we receive remains a mystery because our problems keep compounding.

3. We love to socialise

Credit: Conphy Studios

Ghanaians are globally known for their hospitality, and it does not surprise us Facebook(11) is in comfortable lead as the most visited social website in Ghana. Unlike Nigeria, Ghana does not have any well patronised local social website like of Nigeria which has a higher rank than Facebook, the closest to Facebook on the list is

Other social networking websites like (16), (26),,, and others made it to the list of top 200.

With this ranking, it is fair to agree that Ghanaians are friendly.

4. We are a football nation

ghanaians love football
Photo credit: Kessben FM

You don’t need Alexa to know this, Ghanaians love sports, but football remains the nation’s unify.

Despite the decline in the support base for the national football team, the Black Stars, Ghanaians are not reluctant to show their unflinching support for their European football clubs.

If you are looking for die-hard fans of any of the top clubs in the world, look no further from Ghana. The passion to which fans express their support for their football clubs is overwhelming especially for struggling big clubs like Arsenal and Man. Utd.

Websites like,,,,,, validates the claim, Ghanaians love football.

The audacity of authority to which some fans brag about their clubs will amaze you. If you hear statements like – We (fans) need to sack him (member of the team); know you are in Ghana.

It is good to love Sports but avoid getting over emotional about it, remember that the person you are yelling at is getting paid you’re not!

Don’t hurt yourself over sports; just enjoy the game.

5. We are bet addicts

sports betting

Terms like Banka-to-Banka, Lotto doctor, 2Sure, etc, shows that betting and gambling has always been part of the Ghanian DNA, yes we have come this far.

Sports betting centres have sprung up in major centres, mostly filled young people looking to cash out from their ‘passion.’  Sites like Swertrespost help with predicts.

“When the devil saw the youth were ashamed to stand in front of Lotto Kiosk, he introduced Supabet” – Robert Mugabe, 2017

There are more than 5 betting sites –,,,, and others, go to prove what Alexa shows us about ourselves.

We are gambling freaks. Everybody wants to be rich in Ghana!


6. Unemployment is still on the rise, too many people looking for jobs

jobless youth

A new report by the World Bank on unemployment in Ghana has revealed that about 48 percent of Ghanaians between the ages of 15-24 do not have jobs.

Nothing best explains why visits these job websites has increased. People need jobs!
Job search portals like (64),,,, and a host of other that have made it to the list of 200.
The truth is that not all those who visit such websites are jobless; some want new opportunities just because working for some organisation in Ghana is not different from being unemployed if not worse!


7. We love Freebies

freebies youtube

By default,  humans love free things, but Ghanaians take the word ‘FREE’ to a whole new level.

If it is not hoping for the government to make education free, then we are either looking for music, video, software files to download for free.

Sites like (2), (19),, (56), (57),, (91), , (many others), affirm what Alexa says about Ghanaians, we typically don’t like to pay for stuff, or prefer a cheap bargain.

8. We still prefer our public Universities

University of Ghana
Photo credit: UgFile

University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana’s premier and first University is the most visited educational website in Ghana followed by,,, and the only private University to feature on this list of top 200 is Ghana’s Ivy league college,

These institutions must be doing well to be able to feature on this list.

9. Ghanaians are embracing online shopping and trading


In case you are wondering why have we a lot of China goods in Ghana … it all started with   Growth in the banking industry as a result of technology has dramatically improved e-commerce transactions in Ghana.

Today, we don’t only get to pay for services online locally but can see from the Alexa rankings that Ghanaians are doing a lot of shopping outside of Ghana; and (49) certainly justifies this claim.

I don’t anticipate a decline in shopping to international e-commerce website because we like affordable but quality things. We will rather buy less from the source and wait for it to arrive than buy it locally at a price we feel is too much.

Also, Ghana’s largest classified website,,, made it to the list.


10. good grief! some Ghanaians might be closet perverts

closet pervert

Sex sells and Ghanaians have proven to be ardent consumers of adult content in Africa. Most online content creators know this and unfortunately, use this weakness to bait for clicks to their websites.

What is more pathetic is the interest in the local adult content.

It is quite unfortunate that among our top 50 most visited sites in Ghana,  is in a comfortable lead among the first 25th.

Having sites like and, appear amongst our top 200 visited website does not speak well of us considering Ghana as a Christian nation.

It is rather disappointing because in Ghana the top Porn website is one that is inundated with leak tapes of fellow nationals.

Special thanks to for their contribution to this article.

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