AirtelTigo Business to boost SMEs with its “Flexi Business” initiative

The twin telecom in Ghana, AirtelTigo, is poised to help small businesses in the country. The company recently launched its Business-to-Business arm, AirtelTigo Business, to help drive growth in local businesses. The recently launched business arm, AirtelTigo Business also rolled out an initiative called Flexi Business to boost improvements of local SMEs in Ghana.

The company’s sub-organisation, AirtelTigo, is on its way to accelerate growth for local businesses. The Flexi Business is initiative is a customised mobile solution for small and medium enterprises and corporate firms. The mobile solution is to aid the businesses to meet their precise needs in order to grow and be more profitable.

Generally speaking, this is not the first such solution to come from a telecomm company in the country. But Flexi Business is unique and is the first of such a unique product. It allows the local business to modify the mobile solution packages to suit their precise needs.

Benefits of AirtelTigo Business’ Flexi Business package

In this package, the product has no expiry on data for SMEs, thus, the businesses enjoy value for money. The package has another benefit: it also gives an unlimited on-net call to corporate customers.

Also, the SMEs and corporate organisations will enjoy 40 percent more data as well as 30 percent more for voice calls.

In addition, another freebie comes along with the package. Once a company signs up for the Flexi Business package, the firm can remunerate all its employees via AirtelTigo Money for free.

AirtelTigo’s Chief Business Officer’s remarks on Flexi Business

Ms Ethel Anamoo, the Chief Business Officer at AirtelTigo, further explained on the aim of the “Flexi business” initiative. Ms Anamoo implied that AirtelTigo brought Flexi Business to enable business organisations to attain growth and gain significant profits.

“I’m really proud that we have developed this solution for businesses. It truly demonstrates our commitment to make businesses simple. With experience and rich understanding in this market, we believe that communication solutions for businesses, particularly small, medium and enterprises should be affordable. We also believe in offering innovative solutions with value to our clients.”

Ethel Anamoo, Chief Business Officer, AirtelTigo; AirtelTigo Business to boost SMEs with its “Flexi Business” initiative

She also made mention that SMEs are very crucial when it comes to forging new ideas in the country.  Thus, such organisations need better communication solutions that will support their growth.
“In this market, we are the most trusted partner to businesses because we are offering value-for-money, integrated solutions, and superior customer service.”

Ms Anamoo as well commented on the era of technology and business. She said AirtelTigo Business introducing Flexi Business will help boost innovations of both smaller and large businesses.

“Technology is now a big driver for business efficiency and growth. Therefore, at AirtelTigo Business, we believe in helping small and large businesses to evolve with innovative technology solutions. Ultimately, our aim is to make businesses simple.”


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