There are times you would have to call your mobile network’s customer service representative to make enquiries or make complaints. These reps often have a lot of customers to attend to,  and that means customers who call would have to join the queue of callers by patiently waiting to be connected. In times when we get tired of waiting, we reluctantly drop the call ourselves.
AirtelTigo seeking to ease this stress off its customers has introduced an easy way to get customers to solve issues without calling customer service representatives — the AirtelTigo SelfService by dialling *100#.
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The AirtelTigo SelfService

The AirtelTigo SelfService allows customers to do the following:

Balance Check

This allows customers to check their airtime account balance aside from using the usual *124#.

Mobile Number Check

This option allows customers to check their AirtelTigo numbers. In case, you do not remember it off-head, this option will be of great help if you want to check it.

AirtelTigo contact information

This is the first most important feature of the AirtelTigo SelfService. It provides you with the official contact details of AirtelTigo — AirtelTigo’s phone numbers, WhatsApp numbers as well as their various social media handles.



If customers face a challenge recharging via the normal way, this AirtelTigo SelfService option will become handy as it helps you quickly recharge.
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Borrow airtime/data

This should be a major point of interest for many customers, as it allows you to get an advance of airtime or data when do not have the money to readily buy some.

Check registration details

This is used to check the registration details of your sim. Every customer needs to check this to be sure if the details provided are correct. If their details are incorrect, customers will need to visit a service centre with a valid ID to make the corrections.

Usage & Subscription history

Customers who wish to check how they used their airtime can use this option to do so. If they want to know the services they have subscribed to, they can use this option to check.

Information on Products and Services

Customers who want to know about what is new with AirtelTigo in terms of products and services can use this option. The option gives customers information about products and services, keeping them informed about AirtelTigo’s newest packages.
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