AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle: Short code, bundles and more

AirtelTigo Fuse bundle

AirtelTigo Fuse bundle was launched in Ghana on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, and this is what we know.

What is AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle?

AirtelTigo Fuse bundle is a set of voice and data bundles at different price points with no expiry for prepard customers to call all networks and browse the internet.

What are the available bundles on AirtelTigo fuse?

Find below the details of the bundles:

Price PointsVoice MinutesData Volume (MB)Validity
24040No Expiry
5100100No Expiry
10250250No Expiry

How to subscribe to AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle?

Subscribing to the FUSE bundle is easy; just dial *567#, select your price option, and you’ll be good to go. And you can bundle from your existing talktime balance, scratch card, or from your AirtelTigo mobile wallet.

  • Dial *567#, *111# or *533# to subscribe

How to check AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle balance?

Customers can check their balance by dialing to *504#.

How to Stop or Cancel AirtelTigo Fuse Bundle subscription?

This is not yet know. However, we will look into this and make it available soon.

Final notes

Take note, multiple subscriptions is possible. Bundles with validity (Eg Unlimited onnet calls, Sika Kooko) have priority over Fuse bundles. Unused Fuse Bundle minutes do not expire.


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