AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer

AirtelTigo, today held a launch for its newest offer — AirtelTigo free morning offer. The offer would give customers free calls and free transfer to AirtelTigo Money customers for six months.

How AirtelTigo Free Morning works

  • Every morning (5 am to 10 am) all Subscribers are given free unlimited Onnet calls for a limited time period.
  • In addition, all Subscribers are given 100 MB data every morning for a limited time period.
  • Also, you get six months of free transfers to AirtelTigo Money customers.

How to activate AirtelTigo Free Morning Plan

1.  New customers

  • If you are a new customer (after buying a new AirtelTigo SIM), register for AirtelTigo money.
  • Make transactions on the new AirtelTigo money account to automatically start enjoying the AirtelTigo free morning offer.

2. Existing customers

  • First, you need to be an AirtelTigo Money subscriber to enjoy this offer.
  • Existing AirtelTigo customers can activate the offer by dialling *110#, select option 2 and purchase the offer using their AirtelTigo Money account for just 2 GHS.
  • Alternatively, buy a new sim.

How to deactivate AirtelTigo Free Morning Plan

Not yet available as of this writing.


Who is eligibility?

All prepaid subscribers (AirtelTigo), however, a subscriber must make the first call within the validity hours (5 am to 10 am) once for a limited time period to trigger this offer.

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