You only need your Nigerian passport, Yellow card, some money, and you can head straight to some African countries without needing an airplane. If you are not aware, so many people travel to other West African nations on a daily basis by public buses or private cars. You can make it happen as well, you only need directions we will provide.
1. Mali: This is a landlocked West African nation. Mali is the 8th-largest country in Africa with an area of just over 1,240,000 square kilometres. From Togo, you can get a car from Togo or head straight to Northern Ghana and board a bus.
2. Ghana: Ghana is a stunning, country, especially when you travel by road. Just get your passport, yellow card, and the Cedis and your journey should be seamless. You will see a bus from Jibowu or Maza maza and you will be taken straight to Accra or Weija.
3. Senegal: You can go via Cotonou, Burkina Faso then Mali or enter a straight bus from Cotonou. However, pls note that Cotonou to Burkina Faso is 23 hrs bus ride and Burkina Faso to Mali (Bomako) is another 27hrs. Bamako to Dakar will take another 26 hrs and the bus will leave in the evening between 4pm-6pm.
4. Mauritania: From Bamako (Mali), you only have to board a big bus to Nouakchott, it will cost about US$65 and you should arrive at your destination within 31hrs. Expect a wait at the border for 4 hours. When you get to Nouakchott, board a minibus to Nouadhibou.
5. Morocco: You can enter a shared car to Dakhla from Mauritania and it should take just 8 hours, including the long wait at the border.

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