African mobility startup Treepz has made its entrance to Ghana, as part of expanding across the African community.

Treepz is a shared mobility technology company that connects commuters to premium but low-cost buses for their daily commute. Formerly known as Plentywaka, the bus-hailing company rebranded to Treepz (pronounced trips), which is considered a more globally accepted name.

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In a launch event held on Thursday, September 16 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, which also coincided with the 2nd-anniversary celebration of the company, the country manager for Treepz Ghana, Mr. Isidore Kpotufe said the company introduced the concept of convenient rides after identifying the struggle commuters face in boarding over-aged buses to get to their destinations every day.

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Mr. Isidore Kpotufe – country manager for Treepz Ghana


He further stated that commuters can use the Treepz app to schedule a ride for a convenient time and get all the details concerning their ride.

“I don’t have to wake up at 5 am to walk a very long distance to join people to board a terrible bus. Aside from the convenience of having to book a bus on the app, all the buses are vetted for quality, comfort and many other things, so I am very rest assured that I don’t have to be very stressed on my way to work.”

CEO and co-founder of Treepz, Onyeka Akumah recounted the success journey of the company from when it started operating in September 2019. He said after considering the insecurities associated with boarding public transports which was nowhere near comfortability, he decided to use technology to change the narrative.

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CEO and co-founder of Treepz, Onyeka Akumah

He reiterated that Treepz afforded commuters an experience travelling in a well-tracked bus. He said commuters can predict their travel times, understand the drivers taking them to their destinations, and have an idea of who the co-passengers would be, which in essence would give them a sense of security in case anything goes wrong.


He made known that Treepz has future plans of expanding to other sectors. Customers can book Treepz for their daily trips as well as their travel trips.

Speaking at the launch, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Mr. Fredrick Adom Obeng assured the founders of Treepz of the government’s assistance to help the company grow in the country. He praised the idea of expanding the use of technology in transportation.

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Deputy Minister of Transport – Mr. Fredrick Adom Obeng

How to request a Treepz ride

  1. Download the Treepz App on the Play Store or App Store
  2. Sign up with your details
  3. Request your first ride

Commuters can book their pick up and drop off points from the comfort of their homes or at bus stops through the mobile app.

The event was attended by the Abola Mantse and Atofotse of the Ga State, Nii Ahele Nunoo III, representatives from government institutions as well as industry captains in Ghana.

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Photo Credit: Nicedistinplus


After a spoken word performance by Nana Asaase, a seasoned spoken word artist, and a dignitary inspection of the buses, the event was called to a close.

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