hi-tech mobile app for African farmers

In a bid to help African farmers in producing crops more efficiently, a new mobile application that makes use of the latest technology in assisting the farmers in using the proper amount of fertilizer for their crops is now available worldwide. AgIQ, will help farmers to use only the correct amount of fertilizer for their crops.

While the app is not unique in the world, it is the first that offers multiple year analysis of soil and plant conditions as well as of crop yields.

“We offer a platform that is easy to use and understand. We would like to help farmers to collect and use their data. We make technology easy.” said Thinus Enslin, founder and owner of AgriPrecise – a Potchefstroom-based agronomy company.

The hi-tech mobile app which works by using satellite imagery and accurate soil sampling in order to monitor the well-being of the crops and undertake multiyear data analyses, enables farmers to apply the precise amounts of fertilizer required by their crops to thrive, while helping avoid over-fertilizing which aside being negative for the environment, is also costly for farmers in the long run.

hi-tech mobile app for African farmers

Currently, AgriPrecise is undertaking projects in Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Malawi. It is also looking to expand into other African countries as well as internationally.

Commenting further, Eslin added “by using the data that has been collected by AgIQ, we can analyze, interpret and identify trends in real-time. Now you have one secure platform that collects and manages your information.” “We are fortunate in that we have an expert agronomist in the team who likes to travel and accordingly we are able to service clients internationally with great ease”.

Dewald Lindeque, Business Development Director of Moyo Business Advisory (MBA) one of the partners in the AgIQ project said one of the crucially important aspects of the new app was the data analytics processing that would be done in the back office saying that “all industries including agriculture have become very data-centric in how data are applied to improve the productivity of the enterprise and in mitigating costs. AgIQ is uniquely positioned in achieving both objectives by using agricultural experts in the field for things like soil sampling, verifying satellite imagery and by interacting directly with farmers and their crops.

“A team of top-notch data scientists in our back-office do the analytics and the results are then fed back to the farmer to implement in his fields.”

The app, which is currently only available on iOS, would shortly also be available for Android devices as well.

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