The World eSports Consortium, WESCO, has chosen Africa to be the first continent to host its institutional social eSports program dubbed, “Changing the people, changing the world” and its new sustainable and private eSports and football training centres. 

Five countries who are members of the World eSports Consortium and their representatives will be chosen to host the programs which comes off later next year.

“Changing the people, changing the world” is a program that aims to bring everyone, in a sustainable and responsible way, with social inclusion and education, electronic sport and football together as a basis for engagement, career opportunities and a way to form a better citizen for the world.


With the “Changing the people, changing the world” (CPCW) program, WESCO will introduce electronic sport and football to bring children, teenagers and young adults career and social development opportunities through the establishment of training and education bases in both sports categories, not to mention the social inclusion and educational side of it all.

About World eSports Consortium (WESCO)

The program has been put together by WESCO who is a non-profit organization based in Brazil, one of the three major markets of Esports alongside with USA and China.

They accept non-for profit members, most of them esports national federation (the designation names can change from country to country) and also profit companies (private companies, organizations from many different areas that directly or indirectly create the esports ecosystem and it’s supply chain).

The World eSports Consortium was founded by China, Netherlands, Australia and Brazil and currently has 56 members from different continents.

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