Africa faces $2 billion loss
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Africa faces $2 billion loss after Internet shutdowns:

Sub-Saharan Africa lost over $2 billion in economic value last year after deliberate government action to shut down the Internet for over 7 800 hours, reports have said. Worldwide, over 18 000 hours of Internet shutdowns across the globe would cost over $8 billion in the same year. Algeria, Chad, DRC, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe were among the biggest culprits as per the amount of time the Internet was shut down.

The report read, “We collated every national and region-wide incident, determined the duration of the restrictions and used the Cost of Shutdown Tool [COST] to calculate their economic impact. This tool, developed by Internet monitoring NGO Netblocks and advocacy group The Internet Society, uses indicators from the World Bank, ITU, Eurostat and US Census.”

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