In June 2020, the Ghana Tech Lab partnered with GIZ and IBM to call for applicants for its AI Accelerator Programme which is intended to facilitate local innovations in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data usage.
Ghana will, however, host 11 of these startups which have been competitively selected to be a part of the first cohort to participate in a 5-month structured Africa Artificial Intelligence Accelerator, which will turn their ideas into workable solutions.
The 11 AI startups were selected from Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda and Uganda, and will work under the supervision of AI consultants and mentors from IBM  to solve problems ranging from financial freedom, healthcare, transportation, agriculture, and software development.
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The 11 selected startups include:

From Ghana

  •  Diagnosify – Which uses Artificial Intelligence to diagnose skin diseases.
  • Kwanso – An AI solution to track, monitor and prevent road traffic accidents.
  • Xpendly – A personal finance management app which enables users to manage their finances in one place.

From Rwanda

  • Aqua Safi – A device which will be used to conserve the fish ecosystem by being able to detect the amount of toxic substance in the water.
  • SaaS Data Analytics Platform
  • Tabiri Analytics – Which is a cybersecurity company.

Africa Artificial Intelligence AcceleratorPin


From Uganda

Which are all e-health startups.

From South Africa

  • Congretype – Which provides societal-based solutions in renewable energy, ICT for development, and climate-smart agriculture.
  • Openbank – Which developed a safe and secure way to share financial information.

The Africa Artificial Intelligence Accelerator programme will combine virtual and physical meetups to have various encounters with the 11 selected startups.
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