In this list about the 10 most active tech blogs in Ghana, we’ll be using content creation (opinion pieces), consistency in reporting current news, as well as social media engagement as well as global presence (using Alexa and Similarweb) to rank and place them.
Ghana’s tech scene is not as active and bustling with news and startup stories like that of America or China. For this reason, it can be quite difficult to run a tech-themed blog in Ghana. That notwithstanding, however, a number of tech blogs have popped up over the years. Quite a number have maintained consistency over the years, with some doing well to periodically produce relevant content that would interest industry observers and aficionados.

10 Most active tech blogs in Ghana (FB: 139K+)

The nation’s most authoritative technology themed blog naturally takes the lead in the most informative and active tech blogs in Ghana list. It isn’t placed number one simply because the writer compiling this list is an editor for The amount of credible content its writers churn out on a daily basis; under a wide range of topics, is testament to the fact that this blog is very much aware of what a technology website should stand for in 21st Century Ghana.
The 10 most informative and active tech blogs in Ghana currently started in May 2015, with its focus being on tech, exclusively. Over time, it has evolved to include lifestyle into its theme; while still maintaining technology as the primary focus. News on this site covers Ghanaian stories, with an overview of happenings from Nigeria and other nations across the continent.
Its Facebook audience is upwards of 139,000 and counting. It is no surprise then that this blog has caught the eye of some corporate bodies who recognize it as a viable media partner. (FB: 57K+)

Taking up the second space on the active tech blogs in Ghana list is Over the years, this site has maintained consistency in providing its readers with regular updates on what’s happening in Ghana, and the world over.
The 10 most informative and active tech blogs in Ghana currently
Its social media engagement is quite vibrant as well. does well in the areas of personality profiles, gadget reviews, and how-to tutorials.

GustavTK focuses more on how-to tutorials, reviews, life hacks, apps, and gadgets. Although it is 3rd overall in this list, it does poorly in social media engagement as it has no known profiles on either of the top 3 social media platforms. (FB: 1K+)

This site focuses on events, startups, apps, and opinion pieces. Content on this site has not been consistent since November of 2019, at the time of writing this article. However, over the years it has built up enough content that keeps it on the top shelf of active tech blogs in Ghana.

Its presence on Facebook is just a little over 1000 likes for the official page, and certainly there’s room for improvement. (FB: 1K+)

TechnovaGh produces original content aimed at keeping tech enthusiasts, as well as the general public in Ghana, informed about the happenings within Ghana’s technology space.
The 10 most informative and active tech blogs in Ghana currently
Reviews of mobile apps and tech gear, opinion pieces, as well as personality and startup profiles are featured on this site. They have a social media following, but more would have to be done in that regard. (FB: 197)
This blog is relatively new to us; however, the site is doing very well in the content creation department. Even though its reach on Facebook is small, stories are updated more frequently as compared to some tech blogs listed here. It is indeed a new entrant to watch, and if it keeps its consistency, the future will be bright. (FB: 800)

In addition to writing on popular tech issues making the news all over the globe, AFD-Techtalk puts its focus on tech news and ongoing efforts in Ghana as well as the West African sub-region.
The 10 most informative and active tech blogs in Ghana currently
From app and device reviews, to technology news, how-to tutorials, and general device hacks in keeping up with the latest technology.
They do have a weekly podcast, which you can listen to on your favorite podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Breaker, Pocket Casts, Anchor, etc.) (FB: 28K+)

Press releases, general news, entertainment and technology, startup and product reviews are some of the topics you are sure to run into when you visit the TechVoiceAfrica news site.

The site does well to keep its readers updated with relevant industry news — sometimes before they become mainstream news.


ICTCatalogue keeps its content fresh with up to date industry stories making the rounds. Aside the expected news and reviews that you’d expect from a tech site, you also get to have retro news (trivia) as well as personality and product profiling.

Reviews, how-to tutorials, tips and tricks, as well as tech industry news are what this site is about.

C-TekGh was founded in 2016 and continues today on its core mission to educate people on efficient use of technology as well as keeping them informed of the happenings within the tech industry.

Honorable mentions (FB: 4.9K+)

Mac-Jordan Degadjor publishes about technology issues from all over the African continent. Visiting his website, you’ll find content concerning a range of tech driven topics including but not limited to e-commerce, mobile technology, apps, and mobile telecommunications.

Ethel Cofie is an important personality in Ghana’s technology space. Her experiences as the founder of Africa’s largest tech group — Women In Tech, Africa — aside her other achievements, makes her words hold weight within the tech sector. She’s more into vlogging now, But her previous blogging work is still good.

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