Lawyers are a key part of any accident, giving you legal support and advice to make it much easier when you are trying to get the compensation you need and deserve. However, this does not mean that you have infinite time to get hold of them – there are limits to when and how you can contact them.

If you are thinking about contacting a law firm like Kania Law Office over a car accident or other injury, here is what you will want to keep in mind before it is too late to follow the accident up.

How Long Do I Have?

In many states, including Phoenix and the rest of Arizona, you only have so long before your claim can’t be filed against the defendants anymore. For personal accidents, this generally means a two-year limit – if your claims are not filed by the time the two-year period is up, then the case can’t really go ahead.
There can be very rare exceptions to this, and more serious cases can sometimes extend this time limit, but you generally have those two years. Even if you wait one whole year, you can still file claims, but it is a good idea to contact a lawyer as early as possible just to get the full benefit of their help.

Why Should I get a lawyer So Early?

A lot of people underestimate how important it can be to get an attorney early on. In pop culture, lawyers are the people who just argue at trials and do not really have much else to do with the situation, but that is definitely not true in real life.
Even a mere week after your car accident or another injury, a lawyer can be a vital part of building your case and understanding what you are dealing with. They can gather evidence, evaluate the claims, and even mediate the interactions between you and the opposing side of the case. What’s more, there are specialized attorneys for specific cases as well. Like a first DUI lawyer who can handle your very first DUI charge.


Mediation is arguably one of the more under-appreciated things that a lawyer can offer. If you were injured in Arizona during a car accident and got an attorney in Phoenix, for example, then you would still need to interact with the person that hit you with their car.
You would also have to interact with any insurance companies or insurers involved, another thing that is best left to a lawyer. They will have a lot more experience than you, but they are also not personally connected to what happened – they will not get as emotional or fired up during discussions.

Claims and Evidence

A lawyer is meant to make the best possible case for their client, but after something like a car accident, it can be hard to find each law that applies. On top of that, there are some cases where the claims themselves have to be put into the proper legal terms, especially if an injury was involved that may have been partially intentional.
A good lawyer is able to sort out each relevant law and legal term to build a case that you can actually use, as well as making sure that you have enough evidence to properly present it. This can be vital in the early stages soon after recovering from your accident since getting a lawyer one year later can leave no real evidence to support your claims.


The main thing you want as compensation for an accident is legal compensation, which generally means money. However, how much money you get is based on what you can negotiate, and there are times where you want a legal professional there to argue in your favor.
Hiring a lawyer means that they will usually be directly involved in these negotiations, trying to get you the best deal but still letting you get the final say. This can be important since they also offer good legal advice and can tell you the risks associated with trying to push for a higher amount.

Should I Get a Lawyer?

If you have been in a car accident or another accident that needs legal attention, getting a lawyer early is important. It saves you a lot of hassle, makes it easier to get the legal compensation you deserve, and can generally make things a lot better for you in the long term.
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