Dr. Osei Kwame Despite is a well-known businessman in Ghana who owns many businesses and fancy luxurious cars.  He still remains an inspiration for many young people in the country.
As part of celebrations of his birthday recently, Okay FM host, Abeiku Santana joined the Osei family in mark it and has shared photos from their home.

Dr Kwame Osei ‘Despite’ remains one of the most industrious and successful sons of Ghana. Over the years, he has created plethora pf businesses across industries such as media, finance, and manufacturing.

His love for luxurious cars and buildings have been evident in Accra to Kumasi.

Abeiku Santana made this revelation in an Instagram post that, Dr Osei Kwame Despite designed and supervised the renovation of his house he built 20 years ago.”

See photos of Despite’s renovated mansion:

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