Ever since the dawn of the internet, people have been looking for ways to show adult content on the web for others to consume. We’ve through pretty much every form of pornography that we could think of, from classic pornographic films to cam girls, animated hentai and cartoon adult content, and more recently VR videos. There is one more way to enjoy adult entertainment, however, and it comes in the form of the most interactive form of the genre. That’s right; we’re talking about pornographic video games that you can play online.

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At first, it was hard to imagine that you could even play games online in general. Video games were confined to your device, and online playing wasn’t really even considered as an option. However, as technology improved, people started to think of new and innovative ways to play games online. And the adult industry wasn’t far behind as it was looking for ways to create content that people would love to consume and even pay in some ways. However, what people never predicted was that these games would eventually become completely free. It’s a miracle that these days you’ve got sites like JerkDolls that offer free online adult games.
For some of these websites, you don’t even need to make an account, but it always helps when you set that up so that you can save your favorite games and come back to them whenever you want. Downloading these games and playing them on your computer isn’t really an option in most cases since these video games are thought of as being online only and not at all meant for offline play. What was unimaginable just a few years ago is now the standard way that people play video games.
Of course, the main reason adult video games took off was because they allowed a lot more interaction than any previous form of adult entertainment. We’ve gone from being passive viewers when it comes to pornography, to people who have somewhat of input through hentai commissions and cam girl tips and donations. These days, however, everything is in our hands. Adult sex games allow us to take control of a storyline that has graphic and adult content in it and to do as we see fit with it. It’s a great and very interactive experience for sure!
Video games, in general, have become so popular in recent years. The gaming industry, even when we take adult entertainment out of the equation, has managed to surpass the film industry, the TV industry, and even the music industry. It has become a giant, and it’s no surprise that the adult industry looked at this and thought of a way to get things rolling so that people would become interested in this form of entertainment too. Don’t get it twisted; these adult games are as much of a gaming experience as they are an explicit one. They are made with quality in mind, and not just to make money.
And the fact that they’re so popular only shows us how much we have gone forward when it comes to fetishes and taboos. Sure, we all enjoy playing triple-A titles, but it’s not until we get to live out our darkest fantasies that we truly get interested. Imagine seeing the kinkiest family sex games ever and having a go at them. It really makes you think that there is finally a way for you to express and live out your deepest and darkest fantasies. Sex games are getting more popular every day!


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