Have you grown a taste for Manga comics? Are you not sure about where to start your Manga journey? Do not worry! In this article, you will find all the basic information about Manga comics and novels. Mainly if you are a beginner, this article will help you understand this great Japanese comic genre.

What is Manga?

Manga is a term that represents a particular kind of Japanese graphic novels and comics. These are not vividly colorful like other American comic books. Manga comics are mostly published in black and white. Only in the case of special launches, they use a fully colored version.

Moreover, you need to read Manga comics from left to right instead of right to left. So, getting habituated to reading like this may take some time. But once you get habituated, you can read these comics smoothly.

In Japan, Manga comics are released chapter by chapter every week. Some comics also release new chapters every month. When a particular series gains enough popularity, it is published in a collected volume. Most of the Manga comics have several volumes. So, whenever you start reading Manga comics, be sure to read them in the right order.

Manga comics vs. anime

Anime is another very popular form of animated characters created in Japan. Most people have a misconception that anime are mere adaptations of Manga comics. The anime became very popular on television. Indeed when a Manga comic becomes famous, it can become an anime. On the other hand, some popular anime were adapted in the Manga version. But both the terms mean different things. While Manga is a printed version, animes are animations.

How to start reading Manga?

Manga has a wide range of comics. So, no matter what your taste is, there is something for every reader. From high school comedies to heroic battles, everything is there. Manga has different categories and sub-categories. Depending on your interest, you can choose your comic. Here, some of the main Manga genres are listed for your easy understanding;

Main genres of Manga

  • Shonen

This genre is mainly for teenage boys. Adventure, action, and friendship are some of its main themes. You will find a lot of comedy and action in these comics as it features several male protagonists as an action figure.

  • Shojo

Shojo Manga is mainly for teenage girls and features themes like drama, romance, and love. All these comics are based on drama rather than action. Idealized love is presented in every story. Most of the Shojo comics have a female cure protagonist, and the comic tells her coming-of-age story.

The covers of these novels are always decorated with pink flowers and cute images. However, Shojo Manga is not only about romance and emotion. There are some other dominant and interesting themes. Some of them deal with magic and mythology. If you want to explore this genre, you can get the best manga experience on Mangastream.

  • Seinen

Seinen Manga is for young adults. These comics involve dark themes and serious topics. Action, violence, sex, and foul language, are some of its recurring themes. When a comic does not fit into the category of Shojo and Shonen, then it falls under the Seinen category.

Shonen Manga usually shows an idealized protagonist with innocence. Seinen realistically shows the hero. The hero is a regular character with his own dark side in these comics, who cannot save the day. The covers of these comics are mostly dark and intriguing, presenting a male protagonist.

  • Josei

Josei comics are primarily written for adult women that include romance, drama, and sex. These comics often represent deep personal issues that we face in regular life. Compared to Shojo novels, Josie Manga has greater depths.

They are more like adult novels of America, representing light to intense sexually charged scenes. Though these are mainly targeted at female audiences, Josei comics have both male and female protagonists. Sometimes these comics portray homosexual relationships. Identifying these comics by the cover is not easy.

  • Kodomomuke

These are innocent stories written for young children. Mostly these are moralistic stories with cure characters. Kids love to read Kodomomuke Manga.

These are the main types of Manga comics. But there are no age-related rules for reading Manga. An adult can enjoy Shojo stories while a teenager can read Seinen comics. It all depends on your personal choice. Also, there are some Manga series that everyone can enjoy.

Some features of Manga comics

Like all other comics, Manga has some distinctive features. Some of them are;

  • Reading technique

You have to read Manga books from right to left. In the beginning, this may feel very weird. It is almost like reading a book backward. Most Manga books even have a reading guide, so you will easily pick up the habit. After reading some books, this method will not bother you anymore.

  • Diverse stories

Manga stories are the most diverse ones. American comics are mostly about superheroes saving the world from evils. But in Manga stories, you will find action, comedy, thrill, romance, friendship, sexuality, morals, and real life issues. You won’t find much variety in any other genre.

  • Popular in Japan

Compared to America and other Western countries, Manga is mostly popular in Japan. You can find some Manga comics in every Japanese household even if they do not like comics. This widespread appeal of Manga originated from Japan and spread worldwide.

  • Reflection of Japanese lifestyle

Every writer and artist of Manga comics is Japanese. So, their culture, their beliefs, and their lifestyle are vividly reflected in these stories. So, if you want to understand Japan and its culture, start reading Manga comics. Because Japanese culture is quite different from ours, the novels give us a different point of view.


These are some of the striking features of Manga comics. All these features, along with the diverse stories, make Manga comics a true wonder. So, if you are willing to explore the world of Manga, keep all these things in mind and enjoy the genre thoroughly.

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