9 Startups to look out for in South Africa 2019

South African business minds are presently launching startups that will tackle everyday social and economic issues in the country.

And as we know, businesses existing in SA and everywhere else will surely battle its own challenges, however, these enterprises have proven that they can withstand every problem the nation throws at them.

Find out more about them in our list of 9 Startups to watch in South Africa in 2019:

1. SweepSouth

This platform helps you to book, manage and pay for home cleaning services directly from your PC, smartphone or tab. They link you with professional cleaners ASAP, who are highly experienced and of good behavior. Do not worry about falling in the wrong hands because these cleaners can be vouched for due to the proper screening that happens, courtesy SweepSouth, before they are selected.

2. Ekaya

Ekaya has pledged to not see real estate, but see human beings with wants, needs and aspirations. And right now, on a daily basis, Ekaya focuses on persons that rent with one another, their homes and the world around them. Their aim is to create the future of renting, now. Simply put, Ekaya prides itself to be the future of property technology apps and service in SA.

3. Yoco

This company provides merchants with two mobile card readers that can be connected to their mobile phone or tab, letting them receive payments rapidly and seamlessly. This is more than payment processing because it comes with a free-point application and a business intelligence portal you pay nothing for that can aid entrepreneurs to track store performance.

4. FitKey

This platform assists you to locate and maintain the fitness life that will gladden your heart. FitKey helps you to find out about new classes, studios and fitness activities. With its simple online and mobile booking, this company helps to ensure your routine is fun.

5. MXit

This is Africa’s largest social network with over fifty million users across over three thousand different mobile devices. Whoever keys into it will be allowed to send online messages they pay nothing for, have fun with multiplayer games, purchase music and even do some trading on the stock market.

6. Blink Tower

They concentrate on getting your ideas to the right people. This business specializes in breaking down your huge ideas to the public, your customers and even your investors. Their clips assist your target market to fully get what your business, product and brand is all about. They simply ensure you get noticed and will even run online marketing campaigns to boost your income and get you your desired traffic.

7. Glucode

These are professional designers and software engineers that mainly focus on developing applications that will dazzle you. Their aim is to impact the lives of Africans via easy, immersing and beautiful applications.

8. moWazza

They provide an easy-to-use mobile commerce service, comfortably and effectively granting informal cross-border traders immediate access goods and services. moWazza’s commerce service concentrates on mobile as a delivery platform.

9. MADCAD Design

This is a drafting enterprise that can transform your aspirations into reality. MADCAD can come with drawings of house plans or a mechanical part on your behalf. And all this is at a decent cost compared to cost anywhere else. They are at your service if you fancy a house drawing or a 3D printed model.


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