8 Trends in event promotional products and cool retro comebacks in 2018

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Markex 2018 was a big success for the promotional products industry, drawing in thousands of resellers, agents, event planners and organisers and of course suppliers and manufacturers to show off the latest trends an innovations to hit the South African market.
It was a full-on two-day experience and will be an undoubted success in 2019.  Markex will be at the Sandton Convention Centre on June 5-6. Focusing on all things Promotional Products.
Between now and then there are still plenty of new ideas and trends hitting the scene, and here we take a look at some of the brighter ideas for the rest of 2018.
Looking for new inspirations to get event visitors excited about your latest swag and get them placing orders before they leave, look no further. Here’s a list of 8 event promotional products plus products that are just hot right now that you should take a closer look at. Get the attendees talking about your products and stay ahead of the competition.
Event promotional products are invaluable if you have the right attendees, they are sought after and always well-received.  Well-conceived items that have been well researched to your target audience leave a lasting impression at these kinds of events. If the items are practical and re-useable, it’s a premium marketing tool. But of course, there’s always the other side of the coin, mundane and overused items just won’t do any more when there are so many affordable and trendy items out there in 2018.

Old Skool is New Skool Again

Lots of traditional old skool event items are making stunning comebacks with a new modern twist.  Take a look at these and think about the budget for the rest of the year and 2019.

1. A Little Nostalgia

Taking people back to their childhood is always a winning formula and is trending heavy in 2018.
Remember old jump ropes, puzzles, bubbles, old TV-inspired items and retro sweets do get people reminiscing.
This year’s spin has been to make modern design and tech items look like old School items.  Example, a brand new Bluetooth speaker but in the shape of old TDK cassette tape or a classic car – new tech meets retro look.
Fidget spinners are a significant hit in Western Countries. Ideal for businesspeople on long phone or SKYPE conference calls, doodle pads also, plus these kinds of things double up for the children at home too.
When you are at a trade show why not go with the nostalgia theme at your booth. Tie it in with the branding, so it makes sense. We know these events are very competitive BUT can be repetitive with many booths showcasing similar items. Gimmicks work and make you stand out in a fun way.

2. Wellness

Health is at the forefront of people’s consciousness, from nutrition to exercise, skin care, and mental wellbeing incorporating stress relief is an area to focus on this year, stress relieving items especially. Aromatherapy oils are the perfect promotional gift for females this year, and you can’t go wrong with sports bottles, thermal flasks and fruit infusers, as they are a thoughtful gift with excellent branding outreach potential.
Consider yoga mats, heart rate monitors and sports bags, all becoming of the new healthier lifestyles people are leading.

3. Functional Gifts

Today’s consumer is all about functionality, anything that makes life easier is a hit, so things like smartphone power banks are a go-to certainty to impress as who wants to run out of battery at an event when they are supposed to be taking photos?
Staying with mobiles screen wipe cloths have plenty of imprint area, and of course, the cool tablet sleeves, casing and screen covers are popular as ever, but all offer great branding opportunities. Travel adaptors, tool-kits, lanyard supplier, luggage tags and flashlights are still in too. 


4. Technology Gifts

If you get your promotional tech gadgets right, you’ll hit the jackpot. Never before has tech been so prevalent in our lives, connectivity and efficiency are what it’s about. Tech-focused gifts are a twist to get the best out of what we already use. Smartphone wallets are popular this year; it’s an all-in-one silicone branded sleeve, attaches to the phone and holds credit cards, keys and ID so no need for a phone and a purse or wallet.
Also, phone mounts that attach to enable the phone to stand for better selfies are in. Adapters and cable managers are cool smaller gifts and are customisable in lots of styles.

5. Gadgets

Some of the cool gadgets also fall under the tech sector. Trending is headsets and anything related to music that’s wireless! Drones are a new fad and Bluetooth trackers that are multifunctional, attaching to luggage or your smartphones. These are the kind of things that people at events remember.

6. Work-related Items

Many promotional products can help to brighten up our gloomy office days and also increase some productivity along the way.
The bonus of office items especially offices that have a walk-in business is subliminal marketing.  Items such as USB flash drives are a true gift, now more customisable than ever, as far as shape and design are concerned.
In-office items such as mouse pads, portfolios, and high-end writing instruments are a popular, yes the same kind of products we are used to but with a little more zing to them, new designs and vibrant colours are the way to go.  Weekly planner/to-do notes, desk tidies’ and foldable cardboard boxes are items to consider.

7. Outdoor Items

The smart business looks for outdoor gifts for extra brand recognition.  Also if it is an item to be used at social events, it makes the association with the brand a remembrance of good times.  Cooler bags or boxes, bottle openers and even for bad weather things like umbrellas and ponchos still gain exposure.

8. Ethical Items

Sustainable products are on consumer and manufacturers minds in 2018 and will be for the foreseeable future, a lot of vibrant recycled material is on the market in the various forms such as bags and lunch totes. Solar chargers and recycling sorting bags are a good idea too.
In Conclusion
In today’s Event Promotional Products you need to keep evolving to stay on top, these eight trends are what consumers are going for right now, and with these, at a showcase event, you have every chance of grabbing the attention and business of the attendees.  Innovations that keep budgets in check are a must.  If your event giveaways are becoming stagnant of late try these ideas to liven up your presence and increase your clients.
Author Bio:
Olivia Caitlin works as a blogger with Logopro Promotional Products who offer the largest range of Promotional Products in Sydney. She writes about fashion and creative gifts ideas related to Business, Lifestyle and more.
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