8 Must do’s of 2016
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8 Must do’s of 2016

A new year is starting for all of us and it is always good for you and your partner to sit back and reflect on the past year you have spent together. If you are single, then this is the time where you should rethink and evaluate your relationships and give yourself the rule book you will abide by for the future relationships.
Not that you have to make relationships according to the rule book, who follows their resolutions anyway, but it is always good to remind yourself of the lessons you have learned throughout the year, good and bad.

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So, here is a small list that I will surely follow with my partner. There are a thousand things more that I could add to the list but I believe, for me, these would be the top 10! Enjoy.

1. Celebrate accomplishments, big and small

I realised in the past year that we spent too much time either longing for something we don’t have or bickering about what we had. In this losing and wanting more, we somewhere forgot to make our present worth living. So even if its as small as putting together your bed, celebrate. Mark small memories with joy and celebration so that you and your partner can only see celebration in your past when you look back.

2. Surprise one another

Giving each other surprises really sparks up your relationship. Your partner feels important and worth the effort. Even if it is as small as preparing breakfast for them on the weekend, do it! No matter how big or small, surprises are surprises. Even a kiss when you least expect it.

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