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There’s nothing quite like enjoying some peace and quiet when you head home after a long day at work. You expect your place to be a sanctuary where you can leave the troubles of the world behind you, and you get to enjoy some peaceful time in the comfort of your own home. Still, that’s always easier said than done, and it can be a bit challenging to create that sort of haven in your space. But with some planning and a little effort, you can actually do that. 

Here’s how you can create a peaceful place in your home.

1. Declutter 

Decluttering is perhaps the most important step in your way to creating a comforting atmosphere in your home, and there’s a reason why it’s number one on the list of things you need to do. Having a messy place is exhausting on both emotional and physical levels, and you just feel chaos all around, which is the exact opposite of peace. You won’t be able to find your own things, and worst of all, you’ll never be able to truly enjoy the place till you declutter and remove all the excess items. You should start by creating an inventory of each item in the room because after you do that, you can start giving away the things that you don’t need. With each item gone, you’ll start feeling order and sanity returning, and you’ll finally be able to start working on making the place truly peaceful and serene.

2. Make it your own

To really give a space this unique feeling and one that is specific to you, you need to really make it your own. You just need to think of somewhere else that you like and try to bring elements of that into the place. Let’s say you love the sea, and going to the beach is the ultimate fulfilling experience of your vacation. So, you could add a pool or a small pond, and play around with the décor and color to ensure that your favorite place on earth is also represented in your home, and with that will come the peaceful vibe that you’re looking for. 

3. Add greenery

You can’t possibly begin to imagine the power and effect of adding plants to your home, and they could really change the mood in any place they’re put in. There’s a reason people go to public parks and gardens to escape the stress of the world. And you can bring in some of that peace to your house by adding some plants. You’ll feel like you’re surrounded by and immersed in nature, which can have quite a relaxing effect on any restless soul. Plants also have been proven to remove toxins and regenerate oxygen indoors, which is definitely an added bonus that you’ll come to appreciate after a little while with them.

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4. Eliminate noise

You could do all the right things and create all the perfect vibes for a peaceful setting, and one noisy neighbor can come and shatter all of that in a minute. This is why you have to work on eliminating noise coming in from the outside, or even from the inside of your own place. It doesn’t matter if it’s traffic, a loud neighbor, or your kid playing the drums. You have to make sure your place is soundproofed to enjoy a little peace and quiet. A Quiet Refuge recommend acoustic panels as the best and cheapest approach to reducing that noise coming in from any place on your house. They’re basically soundproofing foams added to panels which line your room, and they work by increasing air resistance which in turn reduces the amplitude of the sound waves.

The great thing is the fact that you can have them fit into any room in the house. So, whether you want to create a peaceful corner of your own where no noise comes in, or you just want to soundproof your kid’s room where all the noise is coming from, you could easily do it by adding acoustic panels or just soundproofing certain places of the house in general.

5. Add in some details

They say the devil is in the details, and when it comes to creating a peaceful place in your home, that’s probably truer than anything else. You need to add some tiny details that would have a big impact on how you perceive the place. For instance, try to go with Feng Shui arrangements while decorating your place, since it aims to create a balance in the geometry of the space which will definitely increase the peaceful and serene feel of the house. Try to also incorporate touches of technology that would make your life easier and the whole experience of being in that place more peaceful. 

6. Focus on aromas

Believe it or not, aromas play a huge part in how we perceive a certain place. This is why you have to put an effort into making the place smell great. You’ll find dozens of great aromatherapy products that can really make the place smell wonderful, and they’re even known to have stress-reducing effects, which is exactly what you need.

7. Add music

Music is probably the greatest stress reliever known to mankind, and adding it to that peaceful place in your home is a must. It can completely immerse you in a relaxing experience, and it’s a great way to lose some of that anxiety that you may have been experiencing. It doesn’t matter what medium or genre you’re going to end up using, but the important thing is that you find music that you love and incorporate it into your peaceful corner of the house.

At the end of the day, how much effort and time you put into creating that peaceful place in your home will pay off. If you managed to set up this space, you’ll have created a sanctuary within your home where all the troubles of the world mean nothing, and nothing can stress you out. And that is definitely worth every minute and penny spent. 


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