Among social platforms, Instagram takes a special place in terms of its effectiveness for business purposes. The combination of visual and written material gives a unique opportunity to promote, develop, and make sales on the platform. User activity on this network is also various, which offers a better chance for bonding with your audience and expanding your limits as a brand. In this article, we shall discover the 7 most efficient tips that will make Instagram a great help to your business.
Invest In Your Promotion
This point is not just about getting cheap Instagram comments on Along with unofficial ways to gain stats, Instagram itself offers a well-developed system of paid promotion. This platform is connected with Facebook, so some features can be found on the unique advertising settings page on FB, which is why it is recommended to connect your profiles on both social networks. But the significant functions and statistics are available on Instagram.
The advertising system on IG is working with the existing algorithms and requires a good understanding of who your target audience is. When streamed to the right audience, Instagram Ads helps to fulfill many goals:

  • Increase the visibility of your profile
  • Get more sales
  • Redirect traffic to your website
  • Expand your reach and gain more followers.

Make The Most Of Your Stories
Instagram Stories is not a unique format, but on Instagram in particular, it has become a powerful instrument for attracting and retaining users. Stories are a vanishing type of format targeted for engagement with users “here & now”, and any business shouldn’t neglect this chance to bond. One of the best features about stories is that this form of content appears at the top of the feed, and each time you post one, your icon will be moved into the beginning of the line, allowing you to remind yourself subtly.
However, there is always the risk of overdoing it, so you should be careful with posting stories. To keep the attention on the high level, spread your posting throughout the day, and avoid meaningless content. As for business, you can vary your Stories content with the help of creating a catalog, demonstrating your product in motion.
Constantly Analyze Your Progress
Thanks to the implemented feature for tracking your main stats that is called Insights, you can easily reach your current results and use this data to improve your performance. This function helps to make your strategy more flexible according to the preferences of your target group. Through Insights, you can see what kind of content is the most interesting to your viewers and which content is less efficient and has to be eliminated or changed. To increase the effectiveness, you can use additional tools for tracking your results. Make sure your adjustment is organically implied, and you do not change your course too radically at once.
Create Exclusive Content
This tip is working not solely for Instagram but for all other social platforms as well. The key to retaining users on your profile is to give them something unique that will hold their attention and motivate them to leave comments under your posts. In terms of cross-promotion, you should vary your materials as well. This way, you can increase your audience on each platform you occupy and secure the traffic between the networks.
Engage With Your Audience
Engage With Your Audience
This is probably the most crucial point to remember. Without a bond with your viewers, you can’t be successful on Instagram. There are many ways to keep up the engagement rate high:

  • Communicate with your followers in every possible method, encourage them to discuss your posts in the comments section
  • Play games and host contests to increase the interest in your product
  • Take your viewers behind-the-scenes and reveal some interesting information about your production
  • Provide user-generated content for increasing the loyalty of your audience
  • Ask questions
  • Listen to the ideas your followers may bring up
  • Provide high-quality customer services and support for your buyers 

Try Personal Approach 
Social media have a unique opportunity to humanize brands, and you should use it for good. People come to socials looking for communication and emotional experience, which you can give as a business. One of the most effective ways is to run your profile, becoming the primary personality of it. You can use a custom persona, but it is recommended to use your flair for better results.
People want to connect with other people, not soulless brands which only ask to leave сomments.  And creating a hearty and personalized communication manner is one of the best strategies you can think of. It would be best if you didn’t reveal everything about your life, but it is up to you to regulate the level of sincerity. However, some things should be kept down.
Show More Than A Product
Nowadays, most industries’ competition level is very high, and it can be hard to conquer the target audience’s attention with your product features only. To win the public’s appreciation, a brand has to demonstrate other points of connection that can attract users. Again, due to the variety of choices in a single industry, customers have higher expectations and demands, so you should try to reach them with other activities than your production.

  • Share your inspiration and motivation for business, so that people would want to not only leave comments but to share your content with others.
  • Maintain a solid esthetic to make your look more professional and attract like-minded users
  • Reveal your ecological initiatives and intentions. For many people, your position in this matter would be vital when they choose products. See Fair Trade and Cruelty-Free initiatives. Try to use natural materials for your packaging and products, or make them sustainable and valuable for other purposes.
  • Have your followers meet your personnel. This practice is also humanizing the business and helps to show your principles of work. For example, some brands focus on a single group of society, e.g., preferring women to break the glass ceiling.
  • Support social affairs of your region and global ones as well. It is impossible to sell products and remain aside from what is happening around you.

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