Strange things women find attractive
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If you are a lady reading this, then I am sure you have thought about what turns men on, well, we can break it down nicely for you. See our list of 7 things women do that turn men on:

1. A girl with ambition and one who is independent: When a lady is successful, independent and still humble, it makes men go completely crazy for them.
2. Confidence: Confidence is always sexy.
3. Wearing leggings or yoga pants: Leggings will bring out your shape and guys get to check you out and love what they see. That is a major turn-on.
4. Girls that love football: When guys see a girl that can play PS and also knows a thing or two about football, she automatically stands out. Since there are very few girls like this, we take our time to adore this minority.
5. Identical music taste: Imagine singing a line from your favorite song and she immediately sings the next line? Hot right? True.
6. Laughing: Laugh at his jokes and he “loves” you already.
7. Wearing his clothes: You know those lazy days when you wake up and wear his shirt or t-shirt? He’ll go crazy immediately he sees you in them.

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