If you’re organizing or hosting a running event and you want to create a positive experience for participants, then what you need are well-thought-out “swag bags”. A swag bag is a container of goodies that event organizers usually hand out to attendees with the aim of improving their experience. They can be given to the winners of the race, or they can also be handed out to anyone and everyone who took the time and effort to join in.
Here are examples of items you can put into swag bags that can really make a positive impact on runners:

1. Special snacks and drinks

Running your heart out can make you quite hungry. Healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruits, honey bars, or dark chocolate, will help everyone restore their energy and satisfy those hunger pangs. Aside from snacks, consider including healthier options for drinks like aloe vera water, coconut water, low GI and energy drinks, or—if you want to take the fancy route—a nice bottle of wine.

2. Branded accessories

Add branded patches, lapel pins, or even some custom runners lanyards so participants have something to show off to their friends or just remind them of the event. When it comes to designing these accessories, going with your logo can be great. However, a good custom design that’s tailored to the race itself might be a better idea. There is a wide variety of designs for pins, patches, wristbands, and lanyards to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something that’s to your liking and within your budget.

3. Cool multi-tools

We’ve all been in a situation where a practical multi-tool would come as a life-saver. If you’re hosting trail races, give one of these to your participants to remember you by on their next adventure. There are plenty of different ones like credit-card-sized foldable knives or classical tools like Swiss army knives. Try to keep it light and compact.

4. Toiletries and self-care bundles

One of the things that runners can surely appreciate after a sweaty run is a long hot shower or a bath, so why not give them a self-care product they can appreciate? Examples of self-care products you can include in your swag bags are shampoos, body soaps, deodorant, foot powder, and even face towels. In addition, you can add soothing gels, muscle relaxing creams, or even mini ice packs. They’re incredibly useful, especially for helping with the pain that runners often feel after a race.

5. Coupons and vouchers

After a challenging run, your participants might feel like rewarding themselves by unwinding in some of the places in the area. Offer a variety of coupons to local bars, pubs, restaurants, or even massage parlors. You can also offer discount vouchers for sports shops so they can buy athletic equipment or running outfits.

6. Customized clothing items

Clothing is one of the best ideas for a swag bag as they are both useful and long-lasting.
Everyone likes a free t-shirt, especially one that gives them the opportunity to show off their accomplishments. Apart from t-shirts, there are various other clothing items you might consider including in your swag bag, such as hats, bandanas, gloves, socks, etc.

7. Trendy gadgets

Though a bit pricey compared to some of the previously-named items, gadgets can be a perfect addition to your goodie bag.
Hitting the road and running several hundred miles is much easier and more enjoyable when you have Bluetooth earphones to keep you feeling pumped up. Other good examples of gadgets to include in swag bags are heart rate monitors and pace bands.

Make your swag bag a worthy reward

Swag bags are indeed a fantastic way to reward your participants and encourage them to join in future running events. Be as creative as you can and toss in a unique novelty item or two. Your runners are sure to appreciate it and may even bring in more friends to join the next time you organize a run.
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