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When you are on the road, managing a fleet, or picking up the kids from school, you need to know how to stay safe. The seven common causes for accidents are listed below, and you can learn how to stay safe on the road if you learn how to work around these problems. Plus, you need to remember that conditions change, vehicles are different, and some people do not have a feel for cars. Consider all these things as you read below.

  1. Not Understanding The Car

Some people get very nice cars that they are not capable of driving. Drivers may have the money to buy a sports car, but they do not always know how to drive these cars properly. Someone in a sports car could be moving too fast or cornering in a way that is patently unsafe. If you have a very powerful car, obey the rules of the road just like you would otherwise. If you are near bad sports car drivers, you should stay away from them.

  1. Blind Junctions

Any intersections or junction where you cannot see if very dangerous. You must take your time getting on the highway, going around a roundabout where you cannot see, or turning onto a road where you cannot see who is coming. Foyle Legal car accident lawyers often deal with these accidents because one or both drivers did not have the visibility they needed when the accident occurred.

  1. Not Driving For The Conditions

If it is raining, you need to slow down. If it is snowing, you need to slow down even more. If you skid on the ice, you need to turn into the skid gently so that you can regain control of the car. If it is too windy, you may need to pull under an overpass or into a covered area where you can get out of the wind. People who ignore weather condition can easily crash because they are not prepared for the drive.

  1. Driving While Tired

If you get behind the wheel when you are overtired, you could easily crash when you fall asleep at the wheel. You will not have good reflexes, and you will have a very hard time seeing if it is dark and lots of bright lights are driving in your direction. This can be especially troublesome if you are on a normal road where there is no divider between the lanes.

  1. Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is still quite a big problem because people believe they can function quite nicely when they have had a few drinks. No matter how witty you feel when you leave a party, you do not have the reflexes needed to drive on the road. The drive can be made worse if the weather conditions are bad, if it is dark, or if you have people in the car who are distracting you. If you see someone swerving on the road, you may need to call the authorities so that they can be stopped before they hurt someone.

  1. Animals

If you are driving in a wooden area or any area where you have seen signs for crossing animals, you need to be very careful. Many people feel that a deer or similar animal will never jump in front of them because they have never seen it before. Slow down to ensure that you can see animals on the road, spot them on the side of the road, and give them a wide berth if they are close to your vehicle.

  1. Texting And Phone Calls

Texting and phone calls have become a very common reason for car accidents, but it is hard for you to get away from your phone even when you are on the car. Because of this, you need to set the phone down, use Bluetooth, or use the phone sync app for your car.


The seven items above are helpful when you are trying to stay safe on the road. You can keep your family safe, keep yourself safe, and protect other drivers on the road. If you see a driver who appears to be impaired, you should contact authorities to help prevent an accident.

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