Ghana is on a quest to achieve a paperless economy. For that reason and more, online payment platforms are becoming a thing that service providers and consumers are turning to.

Aside the convenience it provides in eliminating the need to carry huge amounts of money on oneself – that may attract the attention of criminals, online payment platforms in Ghana also help you keep track of how every cedi of your money is spent.

Here, I present you a list of 7 of the most efficient of the payment platforms you can use in Ghana today. Enjoy the read.


online payment platforms in Ghana

expressPay expressPay gives consumers real-time access to services such as airtime for all the major telcos, internet from Surfline and  Vodafone broadband, subscription TV services such as DSTv, GOtv, etc.
With just a few taps on your phone, service will be available in seconds. It also offers real-time payments for services such as schools and hotels with lots of other segments in the pipeline.

As a payment gateway provider, expressPay is an official Visa Payment Technology Provider (PTP) aside supporting all major international card networks – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. as well as mobile money payments. expressPay meets all the international security standards and is PCI DSS certified.


online payment platforms in Ghana

An electronic online funds transfer service that enables payments to be made between signed up users and merchants. Transactions are made either through the Slydepay apps (Android, iOS, and Windows) or via a browser.


online payment platforms in Ghana

Hubtel is a free mobile app with an integrated point-of-sale (PoS) solution that works with any given smartphone or tablet to enable store owners to easily accept credit card payments. For advanced users, an entire PoS hub with a specialized card reader, retail stand, printer, and a cash register are also available.

So there they are; the mainstream online payment platforms in Ghana to make your transactions easier.


online payment platforms in Ghana

It’s easier to make payments for your utilities, insurance, school fees, travel tickets, etc, using MyGhPay.
One of the secure online payment platforms in Ghana that enables individuals, businesses, and also institutions to make and receive payments using their credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Gh-link card, as well as their mobile wallets.

With over 12621 customers and 125 merchants, MyGhPay is one of the reliable online payment systems in Ghana.


online payment platforms in Ghana

GTPay is an internet-based solution that enables clients such as hotels, airlines, churches, educational institutions, and supermarkets, etc accept payments on their websites via the use of local and also international cards such as MasterCard.
With this product, corporate customers can accept and receive payments for their services through their website from their own customers in any part of the world.

Advantages of this service include its global reach and the transactions being instant. You can visit their website for more information.


online payment platforms in Ghana

Self-described as the “future of payments”, Interpay is one of the online payment platforms in Ghana that makes transactions and e-commerce simpler, secure, and more convenient by making it possible for merchants and consumers to make and receive payments of bills, invoices, and fees.

For customers, the benefits include the ability to track your transactions and all your payments through real-time access, and also, reduction of risks such as exposing banking details involved in using cash.
And for merchants, some benefits include having access to transaction history so as to track and reconcile all payments. Also, features such as the ability to broadcast notices of discounts and sales, new products, and new services customize your interplay dashboard makes this platform worth the while.


online payment platforms in Ghana

iPay prides itself and customers with its ability to make payments simple by having “No user registration, No loading of online wallets, No time wasting”.
iPay makes it easier enabling individuals and businesses to accept and make payments for a variety of services in Africa. It is the simplest, safer and speedy way to pay and get paid online, in-store and via mobile devices in local currencies.

With their multi-channel solution, there’s the guarantee that customers will not struggle to find somewhere local to pay, whilst helping in reducing the cost of collection, and helping with an increase in sales.

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