3. Taking too many selfies when you’re together

Guys just don’t find it necessary to take the same damn self-portrait every day. They come out looking the same anyway. There’s no point in constantly taking selfies whenever you’re together. The world knows you’re a couple, so why advertise it every chance you get? If you want to preserve memories, the best way to do it would be without the presence of a camera or a smartphone. Live in the present and stop letting selfies get in the way of making great memories. Take mental pictures of his smile and the scenery of the moments that you share together. They’re much more valuable than those selfies that you keep posting to Instagram.

4. Using “I’m fine” as an answer just to make a point

If you’re not “fine”, then stop telling boys that you are. Boys will believe whatever things that come out of your mouth. If you’re feeling upset or disappointed, then express yourself articulately. Stop hiding behind vague “I’m fines” while expecting your man to understand what you’re going through. It doesn’t work and it’s really annoying. It’s something a spoiled brat would say. Be articulate with your expressions and make sure he fully understands what you’re thinking or feeling at any given moment. Men aren’t mind readers and they will most likely only be paying attention to what’s coming out of your mouth.

5. Asking annoyingly unnecessary and rhetorical questions

“Do you love me?” “Would you marry me right now if you could?” “Am I important to you?” It’s annoying. Yes, men like to feel needed every once in a while. But know that there is a limit to neediness. Stop asking him questions that you already know the answer to. You don’t need him to constantly reaffirm his love for you. Be a strong independent woman and make your man work for you every so often. You can have him express his love for you through other means, and not by answering rhetorical questions. – Continue reading on the next page

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