buy the Pixel 4 over Samsung Galaxy S10
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Google‘s Pixel 4 did not deliver in some areas but there are still some things you should consider to go for it ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S10. See our reasons you should buy the Pixel 4 over Samsung Galaxy S10:

  1. It might not be as beautiful, but the Pixel 4’s flat screen is more functional than that of the Samsung Galaxy S10.
  2. The Pixel 4 is not so difficult to unlock since Google’s radar-based facial recognition is quicker and more precise than Samsung’s ultra-sonic in-display fingerprint sensor.
  3. Pixel 4 receives Android updates as soon as Google releases them, unlike Samsung Galaxy users that have to wait for a while.
  4. The Pixel 4’s camera captures more quality pictures than the Galaxy S10.
  5. The Galaxy S10 is quite old already, it came out 8 months ago, and a brand new Galaxy “S” device will be launched in February next year.
  6. The Pixel 4’s 90Hz screen makes the device feel quicker than the Galaxy S10’s 60Hz screen.


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