Six top FIFA eSports players in Ghana will go head-to-head between 15th June 2019 and 13th July 2019 in a bid to be crowned the winner of the Golden Hour eSports tournament being powered by Giiks Game City (GGC).

The tournament brings together the best FIFA eSports players in Ghana to have participated in competitions organized by GGC and will take place at the studios of Kwese Tv.

Wondhakhid and Aspect have qualified for the tournament through the World Cup series while Kiki and Messi have qualified for the tournament through the Tertiary eSports Series. Habib and Saint Starson also have qualified for the maiden edition of the Golden Hour through the Champions League competition.

The six players will play five matches each. The player to accrue the most points will be crowned as the winner of the Golden Hour tournament.

The tournament will be organized within five weeks and will be streamed live on Kwese Tv every Saturday at 3: 00 pm.

Golden Hour eSports tournament

The Project Director of Giiks Game City (GGC), Yuba Rahamani, explained in an exclusive interview that the 2019 edition of the Golden Hour is being organized for the top eSports players from previous tournaments held by GGC, but other gaming communities will join in subsequent editions.

The subsequent editions will follow the UEFA Champions League format where the best teams from various European countries compete for an ultimate trophy.

He told “The Golden Hour is just like the UEFA Champions League.

“The tournament will be powered by Giiks Game City (GGC) but will have other gaming communities on board. We want it to be a yearly event where the various gaming communities in Ghana will bring the winners of their tournaments to play in the Golden Hour.

“So Golden Hour is not for just gamers of GGC. It’s going to be for all the gaming communities, but to set the ball rolling we want to use the top participants from our past events for this year’s edition. We will later write official letters to all the gaming communities and whoever is interested can join us for the subsequent editions”.

The live audience at the tournament will be allowed to make predictions of the various matches with winners being awarded at the end of every week.


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