Before smartphones, travelling was a way to switch off from technology and daily busy schedules. However, the modern-day convenience of technology has surprisingly made travelling even better and easier. From language translation apps to apps for finding places, there are so many mobile apps specifically designed to make travelling much easier. For example, if you are travelling with a group, there are apps designed to help keep everyone you are travelling with on the same page when it comes to organizing expenses, itineraries, and even photos. However, with millions of different apps available on the Android app stores and Apple store, knowing the ones that will automatically improve your holiday can be quite hard.

This is why we have narrowed down to the top 6 apps you need to download when planning to travel.

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If you are planning for a trip that will include more than one flight or hotel, this is the app to download. The app will assist you in organizing, sharing, and automatically syncing all your travel itinerary with your calendar. All you will need to do is let the app access your mail or forward your confirmation emails and the app will generate a very simple itinerary for you inclusive of maps.

Google Translate

Google Translate will help you with language translations when you travel to a place where people don’t speak your language. Nowadays, the app is even more conversational and will allow you to listen to more than 100 different languages. The app also gives you the option to take a photo or even saying a phrase out aloud and having the resulting text translated for you.

XE Currency

It can be quite daunting trying to figure in your head what 1,343,958 Chinese Yen is equal to in US dollars. Whether you want to exchange and use that money on your ATM cards or the one borrowed from online lending sites, the XE currency app will give you access to all the latest exchange rates. The best thing about the app doesn’t require an Internet connection to either convert currencies or download rates. Just ensure that you have updated the exchange rates before you set out so that you get the most accurate rates.


TripAdvisor is arguably one of the biggest names on the internet when it comes to Attractions and accommodations user reviews. This catchall app will help you to quickly go through thousands of opinions, reviews, photos, and videos of anything that relates to your trip. The app also has a Near Me function which you can use to find all the well-reviewed attractions that are close by. The best part is that it covers almost every country, making it an ideal travel guide app for every traveller. Although it’s not able to be used offline, the company makes hundreds of free city guides that are available for anyone to download.

Google Maps

Regarded as the best mobile navigation app, Google Maps is another must-have app when travelling. The app offers travel directions whether you are travelling on foot, by car, using public transit, or on a bicycle. You can also use it to find out information about museums or restaurants that are close to you. Although you will need an Internet connection when you want to find new locations, you can still save the maps for your later offline use.


Uber is a global rideshare app that operates in more than 84 countries and 800 cities across the world. When travelling abroad, the app can be particularly handy as it helps you quickly request for a car directly. Compared to trying to find a taxi stand in a foreign country, it is very convenient since it will simply bring the taxi straight to you.

Staying organized while travelling not only saves you from stress but also valuable time and expenses. This is why it’s important to utilize various travel apps to try and be as organized as possible. No matter where you travel to across the world, the travel apps in this list will help streamline your entire journey and make your stay on your budget.

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